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Feb 2, 2012 09:45 AM

Suggestions for pre-theater dinner

I go to shows with various friends relatively regularly, and it seems like each time it's an ordeal to come up with interesting dinner options. Sometimes people in the group are on a budget, sometimes not. There's usually 2-6 of us, and we're looking for a place that will get us in and out in a reasonable time, and preferably somewhere we can leave cars to carpool to theater.

When we're going to the Long Center, Threadgills seems to have become the standard, because it's right there and has a large parking lot. That's fine, I'm just looking for some more options.

When we're going to Bass Concert, we usually go to Sao Paulo's and walk over, but parking at the restaurant is a hassle.

I'd love to hear some ideas. Thanks!

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  1. Romeo's is good for the Long Center also, close, lots of parking and very affordable. There's also Paggi House which is fancier and House Wine bar for small snacks & drinks

    1. We have to come down from north Austin. We like to take Burnet to beat the traffic and go to Asti or Hyde Park Bar and Grill. Real convenient for the Bass and okay for the Long Center and the Paramount or ACL. Lots of parking behind the center Hyde park is in.