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Feb 2, 2012 09:38 AM

Black pan question

On TV, sometimes I see people using black pans (sheets, muffin, loaf, etc).
Are these black pans or just patina'd.
They look like they get a nice color on the food without being crunchy for baked goods.
I am so frustrated with buying sheet pans, muffin pans, etc that I am willing to try almost anything.
Stick, no color on the food, don't hold heat, warp, etc.

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    1. You are probably seeing non-stick pans.
      Black pans make it more likely your food will over-brown.
      Better quality sheet pans hold heat and don't warp. Insulated ones prevent coloring. If you bake incompletely-filled muffins, put water in the empty wells to prevent warp.

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        Agree with greygarious. My best pans for general baking are heavy guage plain aluminum pans.

      2. Nonstick pans are definitely a top choice.