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Braised short ribs, and ___ risotto

I am braising short ribs in red wine,tomato, garlic, rosemary, thyme, etc for my best friends birthday.

I would like to serve the short ribs over risotto. Does anyone have a suggestion for the kind of risotto I should make? I was thinking saffron, but would appreciate some informed opinions if this seems off.

I am also open to other braised meat/risotto combinations.

Thank you for your help.

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  1. What a nice best friend you are!I wouldn't serve short ribs over risotto, because they are very rich (i.e. greasy).....you'll want just plain rice or I like to serve them over egg noodles. Risotto is rich...so I like to serve it with leaner meats. Hope this helps!

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      lemon. will help cut the richness of the shortribs, which i mentioned above. i def wouldnt want to do something super plain like rice or egg noodles, but with a good braising sauce i MIGHT suggest something like smashed or roasted potatoes, or polenta. something that you can use that delicious braising sauce with!

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        Thanks-I had not considered lemon. Sort of a play on the gremolata that often accompanies this kind of earthy braised meat dish.

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        Thanks for your response, but egg noodles and rice are not special enough for this dinner as they are weeknight fare. I also have to disagree with you that risotto is always rich. I make it with good homemade stock, and limit the butter and cheese.

        So I'm still really just looking for risotto suggestions with an appropriate flavor complement to the short ribs.

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          i'll agree with the others that risotto under short rubs would be simply too much. you need a more neutral foil for the meat and sauce. my first thought was polenta, with some lemon zest folded in at the end.

          increasing level of difficulty doesn't always make for a better dish. :)

      3. Perhaps a mushroom risotto. You could soak dried mushrooms and use the liquid as your stock. That would help cut the richness. Limit the butter and cheese as mentioned before. I have made risotto with just dried mushrooms and used the broth with no butter no cheese and enjoyed it immensely.

        1. saffron risotto sounds nice (Milanese Risotto). Also, when I think beef, mushrooms come to mind too so a mushroom risotto may work too.

          1. My motto is serve with what you want and if it is Risotto you want, then serve the Risotto.

            While I would like Mushrooms/Porcini, I feel there would be too much brown on the plate. Instead, I would opt for something green....fresh peas, asparagus or zucchini.

            1. I have had short ribs with risotto at a restaurant and it was delicious. Seems like the risotto had mushroom... It was very rich and the servings were small. Worked very well to me.

              1. I would keep the risotto simple and let the flavor from short ribs do the work. I agree with the others that mushrooms would be a good choice. Maybe add a little truffle.

                1. I'd go with a plump short grained rice or even faro or couscous, plain, to soak up the braise. I love risotto but since it is already saturated it won't hold any more liquid.

                    1. I use an epicurious recipe for short ribs on gorgonzola polenta and it gets wild raves each time. The ribs are prepared a bit differently than yours, but they are close.


                      1. I would do a very simple risotto. While lemon sounds ok, I'd go the opposite direction with gremolata ingredients and do basic risotto with your homemade stock, etc and throw in some herbs... chopped italian parsley, thyme, sage. That would do the trick and support the ribs. Sounds luscious.

                        Speaking of which, whenever I braise short ribs or lamb shanks, etc, I use the leftover juices and meat to make an incredible risotto one of the next few nights. Take the left over meat and shred it. Place it back in all the juices/sauce from the braise, put it in a pot, warm it and use it exactly as you would your broth when making risotto. Wow. It is incredible.

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                          so wait, does the meat go into your risotto as well then?

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                            This could never happen in my home.....there's never such a thing as leftover Short Ribs.

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                              The meat does go in, at the end. I shred the meat so it warms quickly in the finished risotto and merges with the rice, etc easily. This is SO good. I do it with braised lamb shanks, pot roast - any kind of braised meat in liquid.

                          2. This may be too late, but I once saw an idea for beef tenderloins with mushroom/pancetta risotto and a bordelaise sauce.. No reason you couldn't do short ribs to substitute and use your leftover cooking liquid instead bordelaise sauce. Instead of cooking your onions in oil or butter, you render out some pancetta, remove it, and then cook the onions/rice in the remaining pancetta fat. If you really want to layer on the richness, use bacon. Why not? Follow a traditional risotto preparation from there, and add the bacon back in at the end when you add your cheese and butter to finish.

                            It'll be rich, but pretty tasty. I'd consider making a standard parsley, lemon, and garlic gremolata to serve on top of the short ribs to cut the richness. And whatever you do, serve the ribs and braise piping hot. Braises lose character once they start to cool.

                            Here's the link: http://sfgourmet.blogspot.com/2005/12...