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Which utensil for making hummus?

I like my hummus thick and garlicky. My old regular kitchen blender is really not up to the task - I hope I didn't do it any lasting damage with the last batch but it clearly couldn't pull that thick a paste. I am not into having every gizmo out there but do own a 35-year KitchenAid mixer I think K5A as well as an unused immersion blender which I suspect won't deal adequately with garlic blending even if I slice and dice. I think I may be headed toward a food processor but thought I'd ask advice. Thanks.

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  1. I use my Cuisinart. It's much easier to clean out than my KA blender when hummus is at its proper consistency.

    1. Either a food processor or a decent immersion blender. FP gives the creamiest result and completely incorporates the garlic.

        1. Try it through a Foley mill first, then the immersion blender.

          1. I have successfully made garlic hummus in a Magic Bullet... Besides my daughters smoothies its the only thing I have made successfully in it. LOL

            1. Food processor is my first choice but i have used a blender in the past though had to crush or micro slice the garlic when using the blender

              1. Thanks, all Guess I better read the recommendations for the various food processors.

                1. I always use a food processor, but had the blender out yesterday and it wouldn't blend the hummus at all--just whirred and got hot. Immersion blender did a terrible job too.

                  1. What about using a mortar and pestle?

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                      If I didn't have a food processor, I think I'd use a potato masher, which would be fine unless I was making a big batch. Maybe whir the liquid ingredients with the garlic in the blender and then add to the bean mash?

                    2. i like the mortar and pestle for mine! like to leave a slight chunk in it

                      1. I start making hummus by turning on the Cuisinart, then adding peeled whole garlic cloves through the feed tube. This usually chops the garlic finely enough for me, but if it's not quite fine enough, I turn off the Cuisinart, add a *small* amount of chickpeas in with the garlic, and then puree those two ingredients until smooth. Then I add the rest of the ingredients.

                        I put the hummus in a bowl, then garnish with a bit of paprika and enough EVOO to just coat the top (I use a fairly small bowl, so it's not a lot of EVOO). It's just to keep the top from going all crusty.

                        1. Actually not averse to mortar and pestle (being somewhat of a Luddite) but it happens I don't have a large enough one for hummus. Hmmm. Maybe that's what I should get. My favorite m&p is one I made myself 'way back when I was working with clay. Meanwhile, today I was at our tiny Walmart and was attracted to one of these Ninja thingies @ $34, aside from its name which suggests a kid's game.

                          1. @mattstolz, yeah, nothing wrong with a slight chunk in hummus - in fact, an occasional garbanzo bean is interesting. And slightly hummurous.

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