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Feb 2, 2012 08:41 AM

Which utensil for making hummus?

I like my hummus thick and garlicky. My old regular kitchen blender is really not up to the task - I hope I didn't do it any lasting damage with the last batch but it clearly couldn't pull that thick a paste. I am not into having every gizmo out there but do own a 35-year KitchenAid mixer I think K5A as well as an unused immersion blender which I suspect won't deal adequately with garlic blending even if I slice and dice. I think I may be headed toward a food processor but thought I'd ask advice. Thanks.

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  1. I use my Cuisinart. It's much easier to clean out than my KA blender when hummus is at its proper consistency.

    1. Either a food processor or a decent immersion blender. FP gives the creamiest result and completely incorporates the garlic.

        1. Try it through a Foley mill first, then the immersion blender.

          1. I have successfully made garlic hummus in a Magic Bullet... Besides my daughters smoothies its the only thing I have made successfully in it. LOL