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Feb 2, 2012 07:42 AM

Cafe Soho Advice

I'm going for the wings, is there a specific type of wing? Is there anything else that I shouldn't miss out on?

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  1. Stick with the soy and hot wings. i tried the other kinds and I wasn't impressed.

    1. I love the spicy, though I also like the regular very much--it has a sort of sweet soy glaze. Usually if I'm with a few people, we get an order of each. The spicy are quite spicy. They are served with cubes of pickled radish that helps you cool down. I also love the frozen green tea drink for a good cooldown. I haven't had the other food there, but it doesn't look bad.

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        There is good Korean BBQ just around the corner in the strip mall on 5th street

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          every time i've gone there to dine in, or picked up for take out, you have to order wings 20 at a time. normally i get half soy/garlic flavor and the other half spicy flavor. i agree with porkybelly about the other wings flavors. not as good. oh, and there have been times when the spicy wings are really spicy, and other times not as spicy, though, i was just there last week and spicy were pretty spicy.

          i've also tried some of the other food there (non-wings) and while it's ok, if you are going to go to cafe soho, the only thing you should be ordering is the wings. if you want other korean food, just go to the many other korean restaurants in the area.