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Feb 2, 2012 06:51 AM

Is Naples/Marco island really a foodie wasteland

I am really surprised at the lack of recommendations after doing a search. alot of chain suggestions and steak houses. I'm surprised with the large Mexican population there isn't a glut of authentic spots. I'm really interested in the Marco island area as I'm heading there. I know the island caters to cotton tops but I know there is a healthy resident population. Is there any dive down the Tamiami trail worth a visit? I'm looking for out of the way places serving ethnic food or fresh seafood cheap. Having lived in Fort Myers for a short time I know that the chains can become overwhelming in the area.

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  1. cheap and naples do not mix...

    but yes there are some decent local places...but there is more than just "mexican"..

    and marco island has a few decent places...