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Feb 2, 2012 02:47 AM


I travel for work and my favorite this to do wherever I go is to explore local foodie destinations. Am happiest if I get to sample fresh local and creative. Good local beers on tap are an added bonus, but not required.
am at a conference at the Marriott Tech Center and didn't realize how stranded we'd be. I guess we should have rented a car! The hotel offers a free shuttle for any place up to 5 miles away, but further than that requires a cab.
Am looking for recommendations for excellent food experiences within a 5 mile radius of this hotel. Any style food and price point. Really just want to eat good food.
Thanks in advance for your help. I know there must be some chowhounds nearby who can make good suggestions!

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  1. Get a cab and head towards downtown. The Tech Center is by and large a culinary wasteland. (OK, maybe unfair - there might be some hidden gems, hopefully someone else knows about them. But it's mostly chains and strip malls.)

    South Federal is not that far, maybe 10 miles, and there are a lot of great hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese, Mexican and Chinese places there (personal favorites are Lao Wang Noodle House for Chinese dumplings and noodles, Pho Duy for pho, or New Saigon for Vietnamese generally, all within a couple of blocks of each other near South Federal and Alameda). If you want more upscale, head for Lodo (about 12 miles) and you'll have your pick - Rioja, Euclid Hall (great beers), Osteria Marco, etc.

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      if a cab is too prohibitive, look into the light rail to Lodo. Or look through the "related" threads that pop up below, maybe they have something useful.

      I'm all the way north in Boulder, that is the best I got.

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        indias castle on arapahoe and I-25 is great indian. the owner is a doll. tell him kellie sent u.

      2. Aw, come on, the Tech Center isn't THAT bad. I'm not sure of the 5 mile radius breaking point. Ok, some of these are chains, but I'd eat there: Pappadeax's, McCormicks. Tavern DTC / Tech Center, Del Frisco's , Flemings, Thai Basil - Park Meadows, Samurai, Street Kitchen at the Vallagio. There's Pho Saigon on Arapahoe - nothing fancy, just dang good Pho. And there are some other good such places, but I think Smaurai is the nicest.

        But for nice, local and creative - yeah - head to Lodo and the Highlands.

        1. if u end up back here and are at the tech center again theres also a good mongolian bbq on east arapaho east of quebec. yes as someone said there are tons of strip malls, but there are some good places in those strip malls. indias castle is in a strip mall with in a huge home depot parking lot, but u walk in there and its like walking into another world. the lighting, the decor, indian music playing......and great food! the lunch buffet is good, but i prefer going there for dinner. they have great tikka masala which is not on their lunch buffet. cookinitup (formerly known as cookin my ass off)