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Feb 2, 2012 12:35 AM

I have to go to BOA...what to order?

Going out this week with some people who insist on going to BOA on Sunset (they are friends with owners, so at least we'll get treated well/good table)...

I had gone to the old one about 10 years ago, and recall the caesar being decent, and the steaks average.

The new location, which seems to be a massive scene, has pretty crappy reviews all around.

Any suggestions? I don't need to order steak, if there are better alternatives.


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  1. I thought the bone-in filet (not the rib eye) was excellent and the jumbo lump crab cake was also quite nice. But its been a while so maybe someone with more "current' experience will chime in here?

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      I remember both items Servorg mentioned as being nice. I thought the Mac and Cheese was excellent at the time I tried it about 18 months ago.