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I have to go to BOA...what to order?

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Going out this week with some people who insist on going to BOA on Sunset (they are friends with owners, so at least we'll get treated well/good table)...

I had gone to the old one about 10 years ago, and recall the caesar being decent, and the steaks average.

The new location, which seems to be a massive scene, has pretty crappy reviews all around.

Any suggestions? I don't need to order steak, if there are better alternatives.


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  1. I thought the bone-in filet (not the rib eye) was excellent and the jumbo lump crab cake was also quite nice. But its been a while so maybe someone with more "current' experience will chime in here?

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      I remember both items Servorg mentioned as being nice. I thought the Mac and Cheese was excellent at the time I tried it about 18 months ago.