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Early Sunday dinner near Geffen Playhouse (Westwood)

Rapini Feb 1, 2012 10:33 PM

Two SF 'hounds will be in LA over the President's Day weekend. We have tickets to the Geffen Playhouse on Sunday evening, and are looking for a moderately priced dinner before the performance. Ethnic is okay, but not mandatory.

I don't have the lay of the land on LeConte where the theatre is located, but a restaurant within walking distance would be a plus.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Servorg RE: Rapini Feb 2, 2012 09:59 AM

    If you don't mind casual and inexpensive (you order in line) then this would be a good opportunity for you to try the latest sensation in Los Angeles (which just happens to be located in Westwood Village and is a 5 minute walk from the Geffen), 800 Degrees.

    See thread on it here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/826233

    800 Degrees Pizza
    10889 Lindbrook Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90024

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    1. re: Servorg
      Mattapoisett in LA RE: Servorg Feb 2, 2012 10:11 AM

      Dommy and I did this last night before going to see the Molly Ivans show. It was a good choice. A little crowded and not too far a walk.

      1. re: Servorg
        TracyS RE: Servorg Feb 2, 2012 11:01 AM

        I'll also throw out Shamshiri Grill or fundamental LA,

        1. re: TracyS
          westsidegal RE: TracyS Feb 2, 2012 11:05 AM

          +1 for shamshiri grill for persian food.
          not walking distance, but an easy shot to the public parking lot on Broxton which is in walking distance.

          1. re: TracyS
            Rapini RE: TracyS Feb 2, 2012 12:00 PM

            Thanks for the suggestions.

            It looks like fundamental is closed on Sunday. Shamshiri's website doesn't seem to list its hours. Anyone know if it's open?

            1. re: Rapini
              JBC RE: Rapini Feb 2, 2012 12:37 PM

              I am always SHOCKED when a restaurant's website doesn't list when it is open!!!! It is such a FUNDAMENTAL obvious piece of "needed" info. And, I couldn't find it on Shamshiri's website either, or on Yelp; however, I believe it is open 11 or 11:30 a.m. through dinner everyday.

              When in doubt, just call and ask them = (310) 474-1410

              1. re: JBC
                wienermobile RE: JBC Feb 2, 2012 12:43 PM

                Fundamental's hours from their web site: They do close between lunch and dinner:
                mon-thurs 11am - 3pm | 6pm - 10pm
                fri-sat 11am - 3pm | 6pm - midnight
                closed sun
                Great Food!

                fundamental Los Angeles
                1303 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024

                1. re: wienermobile
                  JBC RE: wienermobile Feb 2, 2012 01:37 PM

                  I was referring to "Shamshiri's" website - their lack of displaying the hours they're open for business is a "fundamental" problem.

                  1. re: JBC
                    westsidegal RE: JBC Feb 3, 2012 07:58 AM

                    if your focus is their website, skip it.
                    if your focus is having great price/quality/quantity FOOD ratios and a pleasant, sit-down environment, by all means go there.

        2. b
          BSW6490 RE: Rapini Feb 2, 2012 10:45 AM

          Palamino is walking distance and has a broad moderately priced menu, full bar and good salads.

          1. w
            waterisgood RE: Rapini Feb 2, 2012 05:15 PM

            There's also Napa Valley Grille with a patio area or Bibigo for Korean food. Both within walking distance.

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            1. re: waterisgood
              perk RE: waterisgood Feb 2, 2012 06:27 PM

              I don't think there's a lot near the theater....but Napa Valley Grille is one of the better choices. Also know that there's a small little concession stand at the theater. You can get a glass of wine or a coffee. I think they have beer, too.

              1. re: waterisgood
                laliz RE: waterisgood Feb 3, 2012 01:22 PM

                another +1 for Napa Valley Grille

                1. re: laliz
                  josephnl RE: laliz Feb 4, 2012 10:41 PM

                  Napa Valley Grill is good, convenient and reliable...as is Palomino, which I slightly prefer. Neither is outstanding, but both are comfortable, nearby and have decent food and drink.

              2. n
                nosh RE: Rapini Feb 2, 2012 06:22 PM

                The Geffen is on Le Conte (the east-west street that curves at the top of the map, if you see the same map I do on the right) just east of Westwood Blvd., on the southern edge of the UCLA campus. Parking can be difficult in the area -- both Tanino and Napa Valley Grill have valet, but you'll have to ask if you can keep your car there until after the show. There are lots of meters, most of which use a kiosk where you can use a credit card, but bring lots of quarters in case you have to feed one until the time you don't. The least expensive public lot is in a structure on the east side of Broxton, the first block west of Westwood a block and a half south of Le Conte.

                My favorite place for dinner nearby is Thai House, on the west side of Gayley across from the Whole Foods, two short blocks west of the Geffen and one south. I like their mee krob and yellow curry, but its main asset is civility, good service and real glasswear and tableware in a quiet, carpeted room. A favorite place for very inexpensive cookies and ice cream after the show is Diddy Riese, on Broxton slightly south of Le Conte -- very popular. The very longstanding Stan's Donuts is on the next corner south, famous for their peanut butter and jelly donuts.

                1. g
                  GaleAA RE: Rapini Feb 3, 2012 12:34 PM

                  I also think that 800 degrees is the way to go. I learned upon my last visit that they offer gluten free pizza dough as well! It's not the BEST pizza in LA, but it's pretty good and it's super affordable.

                  fundamental LA would be my recco, but it does turn out they are closed on Sundays.

                  Napa Valley Grill is also a good one, if you're not in the mood for pizza.

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                  1. re: GaleAA
                    jesstifer RE: GaleAA Feb 3, 2012 01:10 PM

                    Second Tanino. We've been going there before concerts at Royce Hall, and haven't been disappointed. It's no Mozza or Angelini, but solid, quite authentic Italian with full bar, good wine selection, and service that will have you to your show on time.

                  2. r
                    Rapini RE: Rapini Feb 21, 2012 05:29 PM

                    I want to thank all the 'hounds that replied to this post. Mrs. Rapini and I settled on Napa Valley Grille and were every pleased.

                    We shared the chopped salad with kale--a nice mix of textures and flavors. As an entree, we each had penne with a lamb ragu, which was very rich and satisfying--washed it down with a glass of La Crema pinot noir. We were full, but managed to choke down a shared dessert and coffee.

                    As promised, the restaurant was a short walk to the theatre. Thanks again--you LA hounds are all right.

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                    1. re: Rapini
                      perk RE: Rapini Feb 21, 2012 05:31 PM

                      Thanks for reporting back!

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