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Feb 1, 2012 08:41 PM

Dinner for wine-loving parents with Weight Watchers friendly choices?

Parents are coming in from out of town to catch an early morning flight on Saturday, and would like to do dinner around 6-ish at a place that "has at least SOME Weight-Watchers friendly choices." Mom is bound and determined to stick to the plan even on vacation, bless her. So WW-friendly to me just means at least some good lower-fat, higher-veggie options.

Of course a million places fit this criteria (i.e. you can get a hunk of protein and veggies almost anywhere) but just wondering if there are any "Oh, THAT place!!" places that pop to mind that do this sort of thing especially well.

No sushi (pout), spicy (sob) or mall places (whew). They love wine, California/farmer's market/fresh/New American fusion styles. They're more Sonoma than Napa personalities, if that helps.

Somewhere we can make a reservation would be great, as they're not awesome "waiters"...and we're in South Mpls but totally willing to trek.

Cheers and thanks for your ideas!

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  1. I have not been there yet, but what about the bachelor farmer?

    1. How about Heidi's? They have a very nice wine list and knowledgeable service. Portions are on the smaller side, which she would probably appreciate, but there are plenty of small plates available to satiate bigger appetites.

      My dad is a veg and he really enjoyed the house made tofu entree last time I took him there.

      1. I'd suggest Spoonriver. That's always been my go-to place for WW-type food. And it's delicious!

        1. How about Lucia's? They have a relatively small menu, but they generally have good salads, and great veggies with the entrees. I haven't been in a while so am not sure what they have for wines, but I think they typically have a pretty good program. Plus it's cute, friendly, and they take reservations.

          1. Wiseacre? They have some awesome bacon-heavy stuff but also some super fresh salad/veggie oriented options from what I remember. Not sure about the wine list, but good beer menu for sure.

            Mill Valley Kitchen on Excelsior is pretty much the definition of what you are looking for. It includes calorie counts on the menu. I found the food a bit bland in my one dinner there, but they will clearly recognize it as a New American/California style restaurant (starting with the name). My wife loves the same type of cuisine and liked it a lot.