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Feb 1, 2012 08:31 PM

nouveau mexican for vegetarians?

my friend and i are both vegetarian and will be travelling to mexico very soon. we are both food fanatics and are hoping to get to try a lot of interesting food. we will be in mexico city, oaxaca, chiapas (san cristobal de las casas and palenque), and tulum.

are there any spots that serve "nouveau mexican" food with decent vegetarian options? the places themselves don't have to be vegetarian but should have interesting options for vegetarians.

also, any other suggestions for delicious food would be great (especially any type of mexican food, but other cuisines welcomed too) .


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  1. As for DF...

    Azul Condesa has some enchiladas de jamaica that I liked more than I expected to. Also, you could order quite a few of their small plates and make a good meal out of it. Dulce Patria (don't miss!) has some plantain enchiladas with requesón. They all have stuff like salads, soups and little antojitos wtih cheese, too, that would work. Naos is also a good choice although not likely in the neighborhood you want to hang out.

    I would imagine all the good places have just one veggie option as a main course but can put something great together for you if you let them know in advance. I know Dulce Patria does since we did this for a friend. Since reservations needed, why not tell them when you make one? A lot of them are on OpenTable where you can add comments - in English would be fine - and if you need help with anything feel free to let me know. Happy to make a res for you.

    MeroToro has some lovely risottos they could probably make without meat for you with advance notice - with red wine and one with chard and a poached egg (!). I personally haven't had great experiences over multiple visits to Pujol and Izote, but I can't throw stones since I haven't been back in a while. Izote seems to have been remodeled and there are some reports on here about the new version.

    In Oaxaca, Los Danzantes should be able to pull something together for you. However, the casual food is my favorite there - great market and street food.