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Feb 1, 2012 08:00 PM

Thoughts on Boccavino?

Can anyone share their experience at Boccavino? We've been invited to a group dinner there in late Feb, as part of a Taste around the World experience one of our friends organized. Originally the plan was that the group was going to do Hungarian but that was too out there for some. We'll go if the food is really outstanding; pass if it's just average. Opinions pls!

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  1. Hungarian, "was too out there for some..." [?] Does not sound like your group is very adventurous.

    Have not tried Boccavino during visits to [what I am assuming is] Calgary. Look forward to hearing from others who have

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    1. re: Bob Mac husband and I both kind of felt that Italian wasn't really stepping outside the box much, especially if they were looking to get "worldly", lol. We have a few more adventurous friends to eat with, just not this particular group :D But, we both like Italian food, as long as it's good, and we do like our friends too!

    2. I've been many times and I think the food is quite good. It has Italian food on the menu but also pub style food since it's a sports lounge.

      1. I go there often as it's in the neighborhood. If I was planning an Around the World - Italian, I probably would find some where with a more 'worldly' atmosphere. It's basically a sports lounge, decor is 80's like. The food is good, even above average, for a pub-style place. In addition to italian choices, there are also wings, pizza and steak sandwich. I usually get pasta or veal there, which have always been good. I believe they source their food from Lina's Italian Market, which is attached. I have no complaints about the food, I just think the atmophere doesn't really strike me as an "Italian" restaurant. But it probably would be a safe bet for your group.

        Too bad your group is too scared to do Hungarian.It's delish. I'm in Dinner group as well; we try to do something educational (learning about a new food) without having to eat deep fried guinea pig or possums! Good luck.

        1. Where do you guys find these dinner groups? Hubby and I are brand new to the area (we moved from Virginia, US, 2 months ago), and something like that would be perfect!

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            Hi girlfoody
            Maybe check out this thread instead, that's more about dinner clubs/ideas

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              This is a group of friends we ride with who like to get together during the winter too. This didn't start as a dinner group and honestly I dont know if it's going to work or not...we'll get together, but it's going to be pub nights like it has been in the past. Too many opinions about this cuisine vs that, and budget for some is an issue. What has worked for us (my husband and I), is that we have a couple of other couples who like food as much as we do. We haven't tried to turn it into anything like a dinner group, other than to say when we get together, either as a foursome or a six some, each couple has to pick a new spot we haven't tried before...and we've found some great places in and around Calgary - everything from cheap eats to different ethnicities we haven't tried before. I always want to aim for a good choice so I do my research here first :0)

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                The problem is that we don't know anyone. We work in a very different environment from most, so we can't hang out with people from work, either. Annnnnd we don't get much opportunity to meet people!

                Short of putting an ad in the paper, I have no idea how we'd get a Dinner Club started!

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                  Also another option...this is a group that gets together for dinners, and other social stuff - specifically for couples. A few friends of ours have gone to some of the dinners and really enjoyed both the food and chance to meet new people.

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                Don't know if this is necessarily what you are looking for ... but it was mentioned in the Calgary Herald today (Sunday).


                Sort of a pub crawl but for food instead.