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Feb 1, 2012 07:52 PM

Owl Station Bar "Japanese Bistro"- Southie

We went here tonight for dinner. It's the location of the former Slainte, Six House and Triple O, right across from the Broadway Red Line Station.

Overall, pretty good and I don't even have to follow that statement up with "for Southie."

When you walk in, on the right is a bar with four or so large screen TV's and on the left are about 6 high four-tops. In the rear is another dining area or "lounge" which I believe has a DJ booth, so I assume on weekends it turns more in to a bar/club area. It was a little loud dining at the high tops at the bar so next time I would opt for seating in the rear. Overall, they seem to be going for a bit of a forced chic, but that's OK.

Service was prompt and courteous. Cocktail menu had the MaiTai/ Scorpion bowl and sugary martini usuals. A moderate selection of sake's warm and cold. I selected a sake flight ( how cool is that?), but it wasn't until after I ordered that I realized that they were flavored (not so cool).

For apps we had a miso soup and Agedahsi Tofu. I'm no expert on the latter dish, but it tasted good to me. For Nigiri we had maguro, hamachi and white tuna all all were good, the rice was nicely seasoned, but some of it seemed a bit dry, a minor quibble. They were a bit on larger side, but not "gaggers" like some places which place their priority on quantity over quality.

We also had a few rolls, the Summer Maki (crab, avocado, salmon and wasabi tobiko), Spicy Tuna and a Sweet Potato Maki. The menu caters to both the nigiri/sashimi, crew, nothing far reaching, but not left wanting, as well as the kitchen sink maki abusers.

While not online or their take out menu, they have a late night menu which begins at 11:00. It consists of a mix of American bar food items ( wings, sliders, fries, etc.) and Japanese items, surprisingly including Hamachi Kama which is only featured on the late night menu, bummer.

It's nice to have a good place in the hood. Far better sushi than Teriyaki House or Pan Asia, both also on W. Broadway, but we'll have to see what happens if/when the sushi place going into the old Terrie's Place opens up.

So to sum up: Destination sushi? Probably not, but certainly worth a visit if you are nearby or live in Southie. Prices are about average for a mid-range sushi bar. Bonus: there is usually ample non-resident parking behind West Broadway on Athens St. if you choose not to take the T.

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  1. thanks for the report. did you happen to notice whether they had curry or ramen?

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    1. re: barleywino

      Unfortunately, no curry or ramen, but a selection of Udon dishes and rice bowls are available.

      1. re: Food4Thought

        checked it out-- as you say, not a destination spot. The flavored "bubble-tea" sakes were also a turn off. The portions I had were small. The most interesting part of their menu is their late night menu, which as you say is unfortunately not available before 11pm.

    2. Right next door to Teriyaki House?

      I miss Six House and The Quiet Man....

      1. Went there for lunch today and was very pleased. The lunch specials run $8.95 and we tried the Sushi Lunch (4 sushi and 6 pieces of tuna roll) and the Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box. Both come with miso soup. All the food was very fresh and very good. As noted before not necessarily a destination place but definitely worth trying if in the area.

        1. The original comment has been removed