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Lunch Near 18th/19th and JFK

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Our accountant is a family friend. When we meet at his office to do our taxes, I usually take him out for lunch afterwards. Last year I took him to Matyson and it worked well because I was able to make a reservation and get him back to his office relatively quickly.

Any other places in that area that we could walk to and have a nice sit down lunch? Ability to make a reservation would be a plus.

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  1. How about Dandelion. Dynamite fish and chips, good burger, Less than five minute walk. Its at 18th and Sansom. Definitely can make reservations.

    1. Dandelion is a good choice. If he is a foodie, how about a.kitchen. I'd also consider Devon Seafood Grille.

      1. I think Parc would also work.
        I believe Lacroix has a three course lunch for $24, and when we went on a Saturday it a much faster paced meal there than dinner. I suspect during the week they could get you in and out relatively quickly as well.

        1. Table 31 in the Comcast Center is a possibility, and very close by.

          1. I second Dandelion. Nice atmosphere for lunch and pretty close walking distance.