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Feb 1, 2012 06:18 PM

Crab salad recipe

My husband wants crab salad. Any good recipes out there? He says it has potatoes, peas, onions and possibly boiled eggs. I bought a one pound tin of crab which cost a lot and I dont want to screw it up. THanks.

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  1. This one intrigued me so I came across this recipe after a little digging:

    You could add hard boiled eggs to the above salad if desired.

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    1. re: CDouglas

      OMG! That is pretty much what mine looked like but I used reg mayo, not wasabi. You are an amazing researcher! BTW, hubby loved it and said it tasted great.

      1. re: lilmomma

        Good to hear. I will have to make this myself the next time we stock up on canned crab.

    2. I don't like the idea of combining the ingredients myself.....especially with the potatoes. Instead, I would assemble them as a Crab plate with the items surrounding the crab in the middle....ala Crab Louie/Louis served with a remoulade sauce.