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Feb 1, 2012 06:18 PM

February 2012 Fresh & local markets, farm stands, CSA, Delivery etc

Time for an update on where everyone is sourcing local food this winter.

I'm using Boston Organics and visits to Marshall's Fenway Farm Stand. They were due to close but have been given a extension according to Eater.

What CSA are you using and how is it?
What winter Markets have you visited?
Do you get out to farms stands in winter?


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  1. We'll probably head out to the Wayland Farmers Market this month to stock up on local meats.

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      local meat? who, what, when, where?

      1. re: hyde

        Westminster Farms (VT) is at the Cambridge farmers market on Saturday's 10a-2p. While not what I consider imediately local, the meat is excellent and the people are extremely nice. Their grass fed (and finished) beef is the best of it's kind I have ever had. Ribeye, porterhouse and burgers have all passed the test. The pork chops we got from them last was the best tasting piece of pork I can remember having in a long time. I am looking forward to making pulled pork from one of their picnic shoulders and trying the ribs. It's also nice to be able to pick up dog bones there as a treat for our girl. Below is a sample of weekly products and prices from their e-mail (they also have fresh eggs most weeks). I can't recommend them enough:
        bulk hamburger 1lb $7
        2 6oz patties $7
        2 8oz steakburgers $9
        STEAKS by lb:
        filet mignons $22
        porterhouse $20
        t-bones $17
        ribeyes $18
        strip steaks $19
        london broil $10
        sirloin tip $16
        steak tips $16
        sirloin $13
        eye round roasts $8
        eye round steaks $8
        chuck roasts $8
        kebabs $8
        filet mignon tips $16
        sirloin sandwich steaks $12
        short ribs $10
        beef sausage (hot, mild)
        brisket $8
        organ meats $4
        gound veal $10

        loin chops $10 bone in or boneless
        spareribs $8
        country style ribs $6
        tenderloin $14
        picnic/boston butts $6 (great for pulled pork)
        bacon $9
        smoked ham $8/lb bone in $10/lb boneless slices, halves and whole
        sausage $8 hot, breakfast, kielbasa, sweet, mild
        bone in hams and ham slices $8/lb
        ground pork $6

        Cornish Crosses about 3.5-5.5lbs $5/lb
        Free Range Turkeys $5/lb
        Quail (6 per pack) $29

        loin chops $19
        rack of lamb $24
        leg halves $12
        ribs $10
        shoulder $11
        breast $10
        ground $12
        round bone chops $15
        shoulder chops $15
        soup bones $5
        heart. liver $4

        Maple Syrup Vermont Grade B $7, $13, $40
        Honey $12
        Dog Bones 2 for $5

        Also in Cambridge, C&C Lobster and Fish has great product weekly and you can order ahead (sample list for this week below).
        Local Cod
        Blue Fish
        Atlantic Salmon
        Wild Salmon prev. frozen
        Sea Scallops
        Fresh Jonah Crab Leg Meat
        Fresh Lobster Meat
        Fresh Caught Local Live Lobster

        There are several produce vendors, but nothing outstanding IMO. We really like the fresh pasta and ravioli from Valicenti (better than Daves or other local options).

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          Thanks for posting this great info! I went yesterday and was all set to get some pork shoulder from Westminster. Unfortunately, the market doesn't have the token system where you use your credit card to get tokens you can use at every vendor (please, get it!).....and some vendors who do take credit cards were having connectivity problems. Meat vendors always take credit cards in my experience given the price of the items. the Westminster guy was really nice but said "we do take credit cards but my daughter is the only one who knows how to do it and she isn't here today." Other vendors told me the market does have tokens but at the market table it was confirmed to me they don't although they do have SNAP. I didn't have time to leave and go get cash enough for the Westminster pork so I will have to try again next week, bringing lots of cash.

        2. re: hyde

          hyde, if you're asking specifically about the Wayland Winter farmers market, it is held every Saturday at Russell's Garden Center. More info here:

          Burnshirt Valley & Caledonia Farms are there - they have beef & pork. when we went on opening day last month, there were 2 other meat vendors with lamb and beef. Can't recall if anyone was selling chicken...

      2. Somerville Winter Market has been great this season while having a large selection of fresh produce and some extras shipped up from down south. Yes you will need to spend a extra couple of $$$$ here but every has been excellent quality.
        Winchester now has a winter market but not as much produce.
        Newburyport has market every couple week more a social event than market but still plenty of goods.
        I have found Tendercrop farm to get us through the winter from meats, eggs and greenhouse spinach. There still plenty of local food around just you have to look for it and be more creative with your shopping and cooking.

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          I went to the Winchester Market last week and yes, not as much produce. However, one of my favorite producers, Winter Moon Roots from Hadley, has a stall there. All kinds of beets, watermelon and daikon radishes, turnips, carrots, and more, running about $2-3 a pound. They are also in Somerville at the winter market at the Armory.

        2. Has anyone been to Water Fresh Farms in Hopkinton? They just opened 2 weeks ago,and are an hydroponic farm, and local farmstand...Going for the fist time tomorrow....

          1. Went this morning to the Winchester Winter Market , It was ok mostly like a craft fair type of event. As for produce there was three table that did sell some high quality and fresh produce . Oakdale farm had greenhouse lettuce and tomatos which was a nice treat, Winter moon had some big yellow carrot @ $3 pound, Silverbook farm has some green and roots. It is ok if in the area or going to Whole foods in Woburn but not worth the trip too far. Somerville is much more exciting and happening.
            On Sunday is the Newburyport market which has a game day theme , then also there is Tendercrop down the street for some local meats and greens. A great area to visit too.
            The new Water Fresh farm in Hopkinton does like nice form the website. would love to hear some more feedback.
            Seem that eating locally this winter is more accessible this winter especially in time of the winter than last year. Dont forget you can also enhance your dish with local dairy, seafood and bread.

            1. Pete & Jen's Backyard Birds will join the Wayland Market starting Feb. 11th and will be there for the remaining 5 weeks of the season (which ends 3/10). They will have rabbit, giblets, pork & sausage. Burnshirt Valley Farm has chicken and pork. WIndSong Farms has lamb. Caledonia has beef, as does Charlton Orchards. In addition, there are 35+ vendors weekly with cheese, maple products, honey and beeswax candles, greens (some grown hydroponically), root vegetables, mushrooms (call for availability at 508-358-2283 ext.336), baked goods, pickled vegetables and lots of specialty and prepared foods. There will be a Farm Fiber Day, featuring a dozen New England Farms that produce their own fiber (yarn, top, roving) and will be of interest to anyone who likes to knit, weave, crochet, felt or other fiber arts. There are also 3 wineries attending weekly.