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Feb 1, 2012 05:38 PM

Foodie parents coming to miami in 2 weeks--looking for reco's

My foodie parents are coming to Miami n 2 weeks, they come a few times a year and have been to most of my favorites already (Michy's, Michaels Genuine, Scarpetta, Mandolin Bistro, Sugarcane, Gigi, BLT, Sustain)... They will be here for a week and instead of going back to where we've been, I am thinking of trying some places I have never been.... Has anyone been to these places and what did you think? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!
- 1500 Degrees (@ Eden Roc)
- Tuyo (Norman Von Aikens new restaurant downtown)
- The Dutch (in the W Hotel on SoBe)
- Salumeria (midtown Miami)
- Romeo's (on Coral Way)

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    1. 1500 and the Dutch are both great. I have not been to Romeo's in years but had a very good experience there when I last went.

      Other suggestions (in no particular order):
      Sra. Martinez
      the Pubbellies
      Alta Mare
      The Dining Room
      Joe's Stone Crab
      the Federal
      Hakkasan (I prefer lunch on saturday and sunday to dinner but both are great)
      NAOE (a must if they reopen by then)
      Bourbon Steak
      Red Light
      Sakaya Kitchen

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      1. re: tpigeon

        My parents have already been to Sra. Martinez, Hakkasan, Joe's and I've been to Pubbelly & Barceloneta, Ata Mare, The Dining Room (good suggestion- I love it), Yardbird, NAOE (Another FAVE-- but is it open yet? I heard they are moving to Brickell and I know they've been closed for awhile for the relocation), Bourbon Steak & Red Light-- all great suggestions.

        I have not yet been to the Federal or Blue Collar, and both look interesting and deserving of a visit. What are these establishments like? Food? Ambiance? service? etc? Thanks!

        1. re: hab

          Blue collar is good as well but it is like a diner setting. The federal is more of a cozy speakeasy kind of place. The food is good at both places. I did not recommend blue collar because of the dining room ambiance but if you don't care about that, it is a solid rec. Edit --I noticed that I recommended Sakaya which has fast food ambiance so I probably should not have left blue collar off.

          I also did not mention hole in the wall places for the same reason I did not mention blue collar and the fact that some of them may close early (lunch only).

          1. re: tpigeon

            tpigeon: i assume you have eaten at the federal, could you elaborate a little more on the menu and what you liked/disliked? i've been intrigued by it, but the website is pretty uninformative

            1. re: mattstolz

              Federal is a gastropub type of place, you can get an idea of the menu here (this is close but not quite what is presently "on the ground") ->

              I've paid one visit so far, biscuits with sweetbreads and gravy were great, so was the short rib pot pie, nice salad, pretty good lamb burger. Menu is a bit heavy but I suspect as they expand the repertoire a bit after getting their feet under them that will change.

              Place has a nice feel to it for a sort of nondescript strip mall location and a short but well selected list of beers and wines.

              I haven't made it to Eating House yet but the first reports I heard from opening weekend have been very good.

              Naoe is currently closed as they are building out a new spot on Brickell Key.

              1. re: Frodnesor

                What he said about the federal except I found that my favorite thing was duck in a jar. Save room for dessert, they have great home made pies too.

        2. I would second the recc for Yardbird, and add Sugarcane to the list as well. The meals ive had at both restos have been very, very good, and the atmosphere at both places is unique and fun!

          1. Went to1500 last month when visiting for the Orange Bowl. Food was excellent as was the service-friendly and not at all pretentious. The tasting menu w/ wine pairing was $115.00 and well worth it. The pork belly tacos were especially amazing.

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            1. re: sherriberry

              I will definitely make a reservation at 1500 degrees. I had all intentions of making the trip during Miami Spice & but somehow, we never made it. Now seems like an appropriate time to go. Thanks for the reco.

              Also anyone try the new pop up "Eating House" in Coral Gables? Whats the verdict?

              1. re: hab

                I liked it a lot. Frod reviewed it thoroughly on his Food for Thought blog and was as always all over it. The staff was exceedingly low pressure, respectful of the clients' space, and casual while professional at the same time, and the (celebrity) chef was very humble and unaffected. For high quality creativity and a warm vibe, I think they do a great job. I'd hang out there if I could. If you are not high maintenance person/customer, I think it's about perfect.

                1. re: taiga

                  I have been to both Tuyo (opening week) and The Federal. If you have the time, money and desire, Tuyo's tasting menus are great albeit pricy. I had the yasting menu when I went along with the wine pairings (their sommelier is on her way to Master Sommelier status).

                  The Federal is great fun with a bunch of adventurous food eating friends. Their Duck in a Jar is one of my favorite dishes so far this year. I absolutely loved Phuc Yeah! and Aniece & Cesar have done a great job with The Federal!

            2. Xixon at Coral Way and SW 21st Ave. is an excellent Asturian restaurant. Spanish tapas and wine. Nice 3 level dining with a beautiful vinoteca on the lower level. Full Spanish menu and wine list. Almond tart with homemade nougat ice cream fabulous. Very good bread and sangria also.

              J and G Grill in the new St. Regis Bal Harbor is another favorite. Dining room faces east so you have ocean views. Beautiful room, tables not too close and soft music. Local red snapper with smoked chili glaze was very good with a nice portion for $28. Prices surprised me with the fish under $30. Salted caramel ice cream sundae with peanuts, popcorn and chocalate sauce was a perfect finish. An added bonus, valet parking is free.

              Hope this helps

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              1. re: rebus1805

                I agree with many of the recommendations but if hole-in-the wall is acceptable go to Salmon Salmon for Peruvian. Seafood, particularly squid, real ceviche, tacu tacu, great hot sauce. Also Hy Vong-pork rolling cakes are one of the best things in Miami