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Feb 1, 2012 05:09 PM

almond milk aficionados

I've been doing low carb for 2 years now. My latest blood tests show much improved blood sugar, and I've kept 15 pounds off. (I lost about 20, but I couldn't keep them all off.) I, just today, for the first time, bought a carton of almond milk--Almond Breeze original. If any of you love this product for yourselves, I'd like to hear what you use it for. Anyone do smoothies with it? I've tried it in coffee, and I think I'll pass on that use. Although I might try another poster's idea: hot milk and instant coffee, with almond milk instead of regular skim which is fairly carby. Anyone cook with it? I've been eating oatmeal for breakfast, and I'm thinking poured over hot oats. Or "cream" soups? I'll take any tips. Thanks in advance.

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  1. hi sueatmo, yes my entire family uses Almond milk; dh most for dietary reasons as well. We love almond milk in hot cereal, pancake batter, egg bakes, smoothies, salad dressing, as a dip thinner, milkshakes, homemade frozen ice milk, rice pudding recipes, and we're still experimenting. I haven't tried it in soup but it's worth a squash soup comes to mind.

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      Just like milk, it sounds like. I tasted it; it is pretty good. I've practically given milk up, so I will have to rediscover ways to use almond milk.

    2. If you like this consider a vitamix check out making almond milk

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        Interesting, but there is no way I would spend the money on a Vitamix. Too expensive, and I don't think I would use it enough to justify it.

        I am happy for others to have one. If I were still working and getting raises, I might spring for one, but those days are over.

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          you don't need a Vitamix - i make my own almond milk (and cashew milk) in a regular blender. it's so delicious that it makes it difficult to enjoy the store-bought stuff once you've had it!

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            My blender is just about on its last gasp. But I'm curious to know your method. Share pretty please.

      2. I don't drink milk substitutes anymore, ( I used to be veg, then vegan) but I do still make almond milk for my daughter that likes it. I'm not a fan of the store bought stuff as it tends to too sweet for my tastes.

        1. I found out that making my oatmeal using almond milk rather than water is fantastic! In coffee, it does tend to disappear but I use it anyway, so many less calories than the goat milk I used to use. Better than nothing, I have high cholesterol so gotta try to be a little healthy. I buy Silk brand or Almond Breeze, whichever is on sale, they both taste the same to me. Wish every store had the unsweetened version though, I don't like sugar in my coffee all that much.

          I'll replace some of the heavier dairy like half and half with it too in soups, although haven't done so 100%. Husband hasn't detected the difference yet.

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            It turns out that I love Scottish oatmeal (Bob's Red MIll) and almond milk. But I haven't used it for much else yet. Since I haven't been using regular milk, I don't think about using almond milk. I tried the chocolate flavor and basically hated it though.

            Had anyone ever soured it and used as buttermilk sub?

          2. I'm a Blue Diamond convert. IMHO it's the best milk substitute around. I use the unsweetened original in anything that requires milk. I even make sausage gravy with it and it turns out great!! I use it for all my baking and have never had anything but stellar results.

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              May we please have your sausage gravy recipe? TIA!

              1. re: Joebob

                I cook by feel so don't have specific quantities, but here goes:
                Brown your sausage, remove but leave the drippings in the skillet. Reduce heat to medium-low. I usually use a lower fat sausage (chicken or turkey/pork combo) so sometimes there's not enough fat left in the skillet. If this is your predicament, supplement with bacon greast (which I always have in the refrigerator) or butter. Add roughly equal amounts of all-purpose flour to make a roux. Whisk the hot fat and flour together. The consistency should be about the consistency of playdough - not liquidy. Add your salt & pepper to taste at this point. Reduce heat to low. Gradually add the almond milk (or evaporated or regular or skim - depending on your preference). (I usually only add about a half a cup to start with and about a fourth of a cup on going until it's the consistency I want.) Whisk the liquid into the paste. Keep adding milk gradually until the gravy is the consistency you desire. Some people like thin gravy and some like thick. It's totally up to you. Remove from heat and add your crumbled sausage. Give it a stir, test for more seasonings. Put over a biscuit or a slice of toast and enjoy.

              2. re: sheilal

                Well I guess I'll give almond milk another try. Switched back to 1% organic cow's milk after using some brand other than Blue Diamond on my oatmeal. Could not stand it. (Didn't like hemp, soy, etc. milks, either.) If I can find BD, I'll give it a go.

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                  A poster on this thread indicated that she thought Blue Diamond tasted the same as Silk Almond Milk. I like the BD very well, but not for creaming coffee.

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                    I had to look in the fridge to see what I use, since I've been using it so long I'd forgotten. It's Blue Diamond. I couldn't tolerate dairy for almost a year, so started out with soy and I couldn't stand that. Silk was the first almond milk I used and found it just ok. Bought Blue Diamond by mistake and have used it ever since. I like the "original", unsweetened. I wouldn't have believed I'd drink it as a beverage, but it's that good. I never went back to cow's milk. Hope you can find it!