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Feb 1, 2012 04:09 PM

Kanpai Sushi on Lincoln in Westchester.

Has anyone been here?

I was surprised when I saw their menu touting four different types pd toro with prices to match. And various, sundry other sushi dishes. And they are open until 1 in the morning most everyday.

How was this not on my radar? And why wasn't anyone talking about on this board ?

From outside, it looks like your grdean variety sushi bar and then you take a look at the menu and it sounds very intersting.

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  1. I took my family there.

    We had a coupon -- 50 dollars for a 100 dollars worth of food.

    We were there last summer. Had a good time, sushi was really good. Wish I could remember more. I don't post about sushi/japanese food on Chowhound, so I didn't post then and don't remember everything we had anymore.

    The only downside is that it's sort of small and sort of crowded. I prefer a bit more room. But it's a minor point.

    1. I've mentioned it a couple times :p Do I count?

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        To be a real tool and quote and reply to my self from the 'Sushi help' thread.

        "Kanpai in Westchester is a pretty good neighborhood place. They have a wide selection of fish available for nigiri in the style with different sauces. They have a wide variety of cooked food and American style rolls as well if that's your thing."

        I guess should be more specific but I just don't take notes when I eat. It's no kiriko but it's a step up from Sugarfish in the area.

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          I confirm these posts were trivially easy to find via site search. :)

      2. How funny, just last night one of LA's best known chefs was telling me he loves this place. I had not previously heard of it.

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        1. re: Ciao Bob

          Yup, I had it recommended to me by someone who really know's their stuff and spends quite a bit of time in Japan. It's pretty good, I wouldn't say that it is 'worth a trip' but if you live between MDR and El Segundo you could do a lot worse.

          It's not a sushi bar as temple place, it's fun with families, and couples. Lots of regulars, lot's of crazy rolls and sauces ect. But for those that stick to sushi/sashimi they know their stuff and have a wider variety of fish than you might expect by the vibe.

          1. re: AAQjr

            If you have a frank discussion with them and convince them you know your stuff you can get a fantastic, authentic omakase with many exotic and unusual fish options. Let them go nuts on a sashimi platter and it sometimes comes presented on an ice platter. This place is a secret gem that manages to look like a standard izakaya that appeals to families early in the evening and the loyola college drinking parties at night...and also true sushi aficionados who know how to order. Note to do it right is not cheap - it can easily run $100-$150 per person, but it is worth it.