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Feb 1, 2012 03:43 PM

Trapped at the Tech Center - please advise

I travel for work and my favorite this to do wherever I go is to explore local foodie destinations. Am happiest if I get to sample fresh local and creative. Good local beers on tap are an added bonus, but not required.
am at a conference at the Marriott Tech Center and didn't realize how stranded we'd be. I guess we should have rented a car! The hotel offers a free shuttle for any place up to 5 miles away, but further than that requires a cab.
Am looking for recommendations for excellent food experiences within a 5 mile radius of this hotel. Any style food and price point. Really just want to eat good food.
Thanks in advance for your help. I know there must be some chowhounds nearby who can make good suggestions!

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  1. Within the 5 mile radius of the Marriott there are literally dozens and dozens of good to great places to go. You are not trapped by any means. Brook's Steak House and Del Frisco's are two really great steakhouses - great food and service. Marco's Coal Fired Pizza just down the street is a real treat - check out their web site to see specifics. There are so many within 5 miles that it is hard to pick.