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Feb 1, 2012 03:22 PM

Willamette Valley Wineries

I'm one of a group of 4 heading to Portland this Memorial Day Weekend. We're planning on spending (at least) one day in the Willamette Valley touring wineries. None of us have been to the valley before, so I've been trolling websites (including this one) to determine which wineries we should go to while we're there. We love dry reds and are looking forward to trying some good Pinot Noirs. So far, I'm thinking about the following vineyards:

Torii Mor
Scott Paul
Cana's Feast
Carlton Winemakers Studio

Anything I should add or delete from this list? Again, none of us have ever been to the area before, so any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. nsobba,

    Great list. I would also consider the wineries listed below. They have all been recognized as making some of the best Pinot in the Willamette Valley.
    Beaux Freres
    Brick House
    Antica Terra
    Big Table Farm


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      Thanks Jim! I appreciate the list. We tried a bottle of Brick House when we visited friends in Portland several years ago and it was fantastic - we'll definitely have to try out some of the other wineries as well!

    2. You should probably try and narrow your list down to 3 if possible - 5 is stretching it. Unless you rent a limo... even then once you hit that many, your tastebuds will be dead if you don't spit. Carlton Winemakers Studio alone has how many wineries each making how many wines? Memorial Day weekend is a great time to explore the smaller winemakers who aren't open regular hours. A good website for research is They mail a nice map for Memorial Day weekend and Thanksgiving weekend which would help you narrow your focus a bit.
      Personally, I love Cana's Feast - they always have a nice food spread as well.