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Feb 1, 2012 03:11 PM

Garlic Bologna

Since Walmart and Publix stores quit selling garlic bologna, does anyone know where I can find it In Kissimmee, Fl. (Orlando, Fl., area. I was telling someone about how we used to eat it all the time.

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  1. I could've sworn I've seen Boar's Head garlic bologna at Publix delis, but I could be wrong.

    You should call Polonia, the wonderful Polish restaurant in Longwood that sells several authentic Polish sausages and other cured meats and provisions:
    They may have it, or they'd know who would.

    1. When I was buying Bologna I'd look for good Garlic Bologna, but since I've been going to the Italian markets and buying Daniele Mortadella sliced real thin, I haven't thought about bologna since... It's full flavor and garlicky, along with containing the occasional sliced pistachio or peppercorn... It's what I always hoped the garlic bologna would taste like... I get it at Cacciatore Brothers in Tampa... About $5.00 a pound...

      1. Boars Head does have a Garlic Bologna as well as a fine Mortadella. Boars Head brand and Mortadella are a must try if you have not. A lady asked me what Mortadella was, I replied "The Rolls Royce of bologna"

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          Publix no longer sells garlic bologna. Their service dept. rep told me the sale of garlic bologna had dropped to where they were selling on an average of 10 pounds a week per store. so, with the low sales, they decided to quit carrying it in stores.

        2. So sad that Publix quit producing their house brand garlic bologna... I have been delivering to Publix DCs for years including their home office there in Lakeland where these products are produced. This was the drawing card for me at their stores.... I so loved how it made the whole fridge smell so WONDERFUL!! Since they stopped carrying that I have no real reason to visit their retail stores any longer. I know that sounds extreme... but the Boars Head that is mentioned here doesn't hold a candle.. I'll just have to resort to creating my own.. The Mortadella is a great alternative..