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Feb 1, 2012 01:33 PM

Trader Joes coming to Newington NH

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    1. That's truly wonderful! Now, if they could only get a Whole Foods in the Portsmouth area. . .

      1. hrmph. yeah, awesome. 'cos you know there's not already a bunch of them within a comparatively short drive of this area... *mutter* I'm NEVER going to get one of these within a reasonable drive for me.

        1. That is great since it will be the only Trader Joe's between Portland and Peabody.

          1. This is definitely great news! The article doesn't say when they will open. Has anyone heard?

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            1. re: OgtMimi

              anyone know exactly where in the Crossings Mall area? Anyone know when they are opening?

              1. re: defboater

                My hairdresser told me she heard it was opening in the former pet store of the mall where Kohl's is located.