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Feb 1, 2012 12:47 PM

First Impressions: Lone Star Taco Bar

Stopped by Lone Star Taco Bar this afternoon for their first lunch service today. Place was pretty busy at 1 p.m., but not crushed. The room is great, very much of a piece with Deep Ellum next door and about the same size. Maybe a little narrower.

Sat at the bar and ordered a michelada, a barbacoa taco and a refried bean tostada. The michelada (made with Modelo Especial, my personal favorite of the Mexican lagers) was excellent: the tomato juice wasn't at all too thick or overpowering, and the spices were bright and crisp. I can't wait for summer, because I'm gonna be drinking a lot of these then. (Oh, man, I hope this means they're gonna be expanding the patio at Deep Ellum so we can sit back there...)

The beef on the barbacoa taco had decent smoke, but was a bit stringy and dry. The pickled onions were a good offset.

The tostada needed more beans, a fact I mentioned to Aaron, the owner. A few minutes later, he came back and said, "Yeah, the kitchen agrees, there weren't enough beans on that tostada. We'll fix that." On the other hand, the ranchera sauce was tasty, and the napa was crisp.

For a place less than 24 hours old, it felt really solid. Some glitches with the ordering (my first ticket didn't have my michelada on it), but that's first-day jitters. I think we have a winner. Looking forward to exploring the rest of the menu. I'm especially interested in the nachos, which the menu claims are in the style of the original Victory Club recipe, which means chips, cheese, jalapenos, that's it. I would LOVE a place that didn't think you had to put half a dozen different things on nachos!

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  1. You left out the most important part -- one tortilla or two?

    (Joking, joking ... but interested nonetheless.)

    I love a good michelada!

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    1. re: yumyum

      One, and it was entirely insufficient.

      1. re: Jenny Ondioline

        I was in Mexico in January and eating carnitas tacos from the stall in town. They served on one as standard, with the option of two. The place at the opposite end of town that had more varied fillings (including rajas that were fantastic) served on two as standard with an option of one.

        This has nothing to do with anything, I just wonder if you could ask Lone Star to double it up.

        1. re: yumyum

          Probably, once they're up to speed.

      1. re: viperlush

        $4 apiece for tacos, which is arguably a bit high. I think the spendiest thing on the menu is a $8 plate of huevos rancheros. Didn't pay attention to the drinks menu, because all I cared about was my michelada. Which at $6 was entirely reasonable.

        1. re: Jenny Ondioline

          Look forw to hearing about the fish tacos and if they're made with haddock (and not flavorless tilapia) and if the huevos ranchera's eggs are served in a pool of ranchera. I bet this is a great location for a tacos shop.

          1. re: emannths

            Thanks. Taco prices seem in line with Green St and La Verde.

        2. Will this mean that food from LSTB can be ordered and eaten in Deep Ellum itself?

          Conversely, what's the booze story like at LSTB?

          Underlyingly: are they taking advantage of being next door to one another and jointly owned?

          [ reads emannths' link ]

          Actually, I don't care if they are completely separate because the booze options at LSTB look more than good enough. This could be a dream.

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          1. re: chickendhansak

            The drink menu is here:

            "Underlyingly: are they taking advantage of being next door to one another and jointly owned?"

            It doesn't look like that's a goal, at least for the customer-facing side of things.

            1. re: emannths

              Thanks for the reply. I edited my post before I saw your response. Weird that the interface would let me do that. Like I say, looking good!

          2. Jenny, you're a true hound. Thanks for taking one for the team and "enduring" two "light" lunches. My waistline is envious.

            Great reports, by the way.

              1. re: FoodDabbler

                Union Square Allston, next to Deep Ellum. 479 Cambridge Street.