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First Impressions: Lone Star Taco Bar

Stopped by Lone Star Taco Bar this afternoon for their first lunch service today. Place was pretty busy at 1 p.m., but not crushed. The room is great, very much of a piece with Deep Ellum next door and about the same size. Maybe a little narrower.

Sat at the bar and ordered a michelada, a barbacoa taco and a refried bean tostada. The michelada (made with Modelo Especial, my personal favorite of the Mexican lagers) was excellent: the tomato juice wasn't at all too thick or overpowering, and the spices were bright and crisp. I can't wait for summer, because I'm gonna be drinking a lot of these then. (Oh, man, I hope this means they're gonna be expanding the patio at Deep Ellum so we can sit back there...)

The beef on the barbacoa taco had decent smoke, but was a bit stringy and dry. The pickled onions were a good offset.

The tostada needed more beans, a fact I mentioned to Aaron, the owner. A few minutes later, he came back and said, "Yeah, the kitchen agrees, there weren't enough beans on that tostada. We'll fix that." On the other hand, the ranchera sauce was tasty, and the napa was crisp.

For a place less than 24 hours old, it felt really solid. Some glitches with the ordering (my first ticket didn't have my michelada on it), but that's first-day jitters. I think we have a winner. Looking forward to exploring the rest of the menu. I'm especially interested in the nachos, which the menu claims are in the style of the original Victory Club recipe, which means chips, cheese, jalapenos, that's it. I would LOVE a place that didn't think you had to put half a dozen different things on nachos!

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  1. You left out the most important part -- one tortilla or two?

    (Joking, joking ... but interested nonetheless.)

    I love a good michelada!

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    1. re: yumyum

      One, and it was entirely insufficient.

      1. re: Jenny Ondioline

        I was in Mexico in January and eating carnitas tacos from the stall in town. They served on one as standard, with the option of two. The place at the opposite end of town that had more varied fillings (including rajas that were fantastic) served on two as standard with an option of one.

        This has nothing to do with anything, I just wonder if you could ask Lone Star to double it up.

        1. re: yumyum

          Probably, once they're up to speed.

      1. re: viperlush

        $4 apiece for tacos, which is arguably a bit high. I think the spendiest thing on the menu is a $8 plate of huevos rancheros. Didn't pay attention to the drinks menu, because all I cared about was my michelada. Which at $6 was entirely reasonable.

        1. re: Jenny Ondioline

          Look forw to hearing about the fish tacos and if they're made with haddock (and not flavorless tilapia) and if the huevos ranchera's eggs are served in a pool of ranchera. I bet this is a great location for a tacos shop.

          1. re: emannths

            Thanks. Taco prices seem in line with Green St and La Verde.

        2. Will this mean that food from LSTB can be ordered and eaten in Deep Ellum itself?

          Conversely, what's the booze story like at LSTB?

          Underlyingly: are they taking advantage of being next door to one another and jointly owned?

          [ reads emannths' link ]

          Actually, I don't care if they are completely separate because the booze options at LSTB look more than good enough. This could be a dream.

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          1. re: chickendhansak

            The drink menu is here: http://boston.grubstreet.com/2012/01/...

            "Underlyingly: are they taking advantage of being next door to one another and jointly owned?"

            It doesn't look like that's a goal, at least for the customer-facing side of things.

            1. re: emannths

              Thanks for the reply. I edited my post before I saw your response. Weird that the interface would let me do that. Like I say, looking good!

          2. Jenny, you're a true hound. Thanks for taking one for the team and "enduring" two "light" lunches. My waistline is envious.

            Great reports, by the way.

              1. re: FoodDabbler

                Union Square Allston, next to Deep Ellum. 479 Cambridge Street.

              2. The fish taco is great, I didn't ask what type of fish, according to the menu it varies. All tortilla's for the taco's are made in house. This place is going to be really, really good!

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                1. re: nachovegas

                  Do they have a grilled fish taco (didn't see one on the online menu), or just fried?

                  1. re: Gabatta

                    No grilled fish taco, just fried but it was delicious! Also tried the carnitas and it wasn't nearly as good as most that I've had in Texas.
                    I agree with Jenny, one tortilla just wasn't enough.
                    It was a little dark and very busy- pretty clear that the servers wanted us to move out quickly but service was fast and overall pretty delicious, I'll be back.

                2. Allstonian and I stopped in on Friday night for another go-round.

                  Nachos: Had I known it came with, I would have asked them to hold the shredded lettuce. Otherwise, a nice minimalist order. Good pickled jalapenos.

                  Chorizo taco: mint is an unusual but entirely successful addition. I liked this a lot.

                  Carnitas taco: Good, not great. Nothing otherworldly, but it was tasty enough.

                  Dallas spicy beef taco: Basically a ladleful of the chili con carne on a fried tortilla with a bit of longhorn. Quite good, but really more of a tostada than a taco.

                  Beans and rice: pintos are excellent but not really refried. Decent rice.

                  I asked for double tortillas on the tacos, and got them, except on the carnitas one for some reason. It shouldn't be a problem to ask, although we also shouldn't have to ask.

                  The table next to us had the guacamole and queso, both of which looked extremely promising.

                  Having the lights basically entirely off at 5:30 p.m. is completely lame. There's atmospheric, and then there's "I can't read the friggin' menu."

                  1. In my world, the Michelada doesn't have tomato juice, or at least it shouldn't.... just lime, hot sauce [pepper based, no toms] and some combination of soy/worchestershire/Maggi seasoning + salt & pepper. There are regional variations, though, so they can do their "tomato-lime"... I'll just order a margarita instead...
                    EXCEPT all of the margaritas have sugar. Margaritas aren't supposed to be sweet; they're supposed to be potent! The orange liqueur should be all the sweet you get, in my book... Maybe just a beer....
                    Oof! They charge $4.50 for Lone Star... which is like paying $6 for a Narragansett. [Honestly 'Gansett is better, and I know I could be charged with high treason back home for saying so.]
                    Never mind. The tequila list looks excellent, I'll just drink tequila.

                    The food menu looks solid. It says the tortillas are made in house, but it doesn't say whether they're corn or flour? Please, please say corn!

                    I'm willing to give it a shot, and it's been long enough since I've been to the source that I'll give a lot of leeway... Please, Lone Star Taco Bar, don't break my heart.

                    [Look, I understand that this is not Texas and I wouldn't expect authentic New England chowder there... Except that if a restaurant in Texas called itself "The Minuteman" or some such and had "authentic" New England food, there's no reason it _couldn't_ actually replicate exact recipes from the north in this current restaurant culture. I used to work in a Japanese restaurant in Austin that got day boat scallops from Maine, for crying out loud.... just don't get my hopes up by calling it "Lone Star Taco Bar" and then break my heart okay?]

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                    1. re: collinsgavornik

                      Yes, I hear you on this-
                      I got so hungry for mexican food when I first read this post that I (misguidedly) succumbed to an order of tacos at the "mexican" place down the street from me in the financial district. I knew not to expect anything decent, but still, it's so sad to get crushed over and over again. I'm hopeful about this place, but also reluctant that it won't be able to live up to my expectations.

                      I don't really understand why it's so hard for restaurants in the NE to make decent mex or tex mex? That said, my tex mex life has improved a lot since I discovered the Homesick Texan blog/ cookbook, and started to make the good stuff myself at home.

                      1. re: cpingenot

                        Second the Homesick Texan blog and cookbook. So satisfying to make great Tex-Mex in my own kitchen. Reminder to self: Post question of best source of dried chilis around Boston.

                        1. re: katzzz

                          Depends on where you live. There's Christina's in Cambridge, Mayfair in Allston:


                          Great places in Lynn and Lowell.

                          Tropical Foods in Roxbury.

                          Numerous bodega's in JP and Hyde Park. I imagine there are probably latino groceries in Dorchester.

                          There's a decent place on the main drag in Waltham...

                          1. re: StriperGuy

                            That Waltham place would be La Chapincita on Moody. Very reasonable.

                            1. re: StriperGuy

                              Also La Internacional market in Union Square, Somerville.

                        2. re: collinsgavornik

                          I was actually surprised to see that the margaritas included added sugar (discovered after the fact when I looked at the menu online - it was so dark in there that, as Jenny Ondioline mentions above, I pretty much couldn't read the menu.) I had one, and it was NOT noticeably sweetened beyond what I would consider normal for a drink that uses an orange liqueur. If there is sugar added, it's only the tiniest amount. (No, I don't know either why they feel the need to add any at all.) In fact, except for the addition of lemon juice as well as lime, it tasted pretty much exactly like the margaritas that Jenny Ondioline makes at home.

                          The tortillas are indeed corn, and they're very good. They really do need to start using two per taco.

                          The beans are pintos, as they should be, but they're stewed, not refried, and the "refried bean tostada" shouldn't be called that, because it isn't.

                          1. re: Allstonian

                            "it tasted pretty much exactly like the margaritas that Jenny Ondioline makes at home. "

                            Just to clarify: Jenny Ondioline's margaritas contain nothing but tequila, lime juice, and triple sec.

                            1. re: Allstonian

                              We split some really interesting discussion about Margaritas and sugar over to our Spirits board: http://www.chow.com/topics/832605 where it'll hopefully reach a broader geographic audience.

                            2. re: collinsgavornik

                              There's no reason they can't replicate them, but often places feel the need to cater to local tastes and expectations.

                              1. re: collinsgavornik

                                Don't know where your world is, but in every beachside bar between Galveston and Matamoros that I've been to (and that's a lot), the michelada has been hot sauce/chiles/spices, tomato juice, lime juice and beer. I would not want a michelada that didn't have tomato juice in it, in fact.

                                And of COURSE they're corn tortillas. Would I be bothering to write about this place if they weren't?

                                1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                                  My bona fides? I'm from small town west Texas [~40% Latino population] and go home once or twice a year. I lived for several years in Houston and several more in Austin. The only time I've ever had a Michelada with tomato juice was a Budweiser "Chelada" I tried at a party. I admit I've never spent much time along the coast, so maybe the tomato juice is a beachside thing. It seems like that would be sweeter.

                                  1. re: collinsgavornik

                                    See, I'm from small-town west Texas as well, the pumpjacks-all-over-the-place part, and I only know micheladas as a coastal drink. I've never had one further inland than Allston is from Revere Beach.

                                    Bear in mind that when properly made, we're talking like a shot glass worth of tomato juice, plus an equivalent amount of hot sauce/chile/umami-providing-condiment, in a glass of beer. It's not an overpowering amount.

                                2. re: collinsgavornik

                                  I'm looking forward to trying Lone Star Taco Bar as well.

                                  As far as the Margaritas go, I am a purist as well, but a small amount of simple syrup is not an unusual addition especially if a lemon/lime mix is used instead of straight lime. Think of it more as swapping out a fraction of the triple sec for simple syrup, rather than adding extra sweetness.

                                  1. re: nickls

                                    Went here on Monday and had a good time. I really like the decor (yes, it is a bit dark, but it didn't bother me).

                                    I had a Michelada and the Rosita to drink. The Michelada has already been discussed (I liked it) and the Rosita was very good (tequila, aperol, vermouth, bitters).

                                    Tacos: Favorite was the Chorizo, followed by the Spicy Beef, Fish Taco, and the Carnitas. Their corn is also solid.

                                    I had no problem with the one tortilla. I felt they were griddled enough to hold the fillings.

                                3. So having read this thread, and being LONG overdue for a few tacos (haven't been to Mi Tierra in ages) I hit this place.

                                  The fish taco was just plain bad, fish not that fresh, smothered in some disgusting sweet sauce that is not at all correct for a Baja fish taco. Barely edible... in fact wish I hadn't eaten it.

                                  The Carnita's were not at all noteworthy, nor was the chorizo. The only touch at all taking it out of the realm of total disappointment was the hand made tortillas.

                                  The tacos were also tiny. $12 for 3 tiny tacos that weren't particularly noteworthy? I left hungry and had to get a snack on the way home. To actually fill up on those lousy tacos I'd have to drop around $20.

                                  Did I mention the bartender was surly?

                                  I give the place a 3 on a scale of 1 - 10.

                                  Will not be going back.

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                                  1. re: StriperGuy

                                    appreciate your taking it for the team. i was waiting but now i can just go elsewhere. for less than $12 you could have gone to KO Pies, had 2 Irish Beef Stew pies and been more than full. and not just full, but happy.

                                    1. re: opinionatedchef

                                      When I'm craving tacos in Allston nothing hits the spot like Irish beef stew pies in South Boston!!!111

                                        1. re: opinionatedchef

                                          Here you go opinionatedchef: blogger on boston.com braves "Dirty Allston" and risks entering into a sea of plaid to proclaim Lone Star Taco Bar "delish." Talk about taking one for the team and risking your salon 'do for a tofu taco.


                                          PS - Doesn't reflect the opinions of Boston.Com or Boston Globe, but given much more front page real estate than the much better Cheap Eats review of One of a Kind in the Super 88 Food Court.

                                          1. re: itaunas

                                            Geez, I hope that poor girl got her shots before braving the filth and depravity of Allston...what a spoiled brat.

                                            1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                                              Gawd, not plaid. My delicate sensibilities are so offended by plaid.

                                              1. re: bear

                                                We went to Lone Star while waiting for a table at Deep Vellum and there was a shitload of plaid at each. Made me think of her review.

                                            2. re: itaunas

                                              I don't know that I'd be casting stones in allston if i lived in brighton.

                                              1. re: itaunas

                                                You would think for someone with such high standards for the places they go and the people they encounter, that they would have higher standards for the pictures they post....

                                                1. re: LStaff

                                                  Those are impressionistic photos I think. Haven't been to the MFA in a while though. The Green Line is icky.

                                                  1. re: emannths

                                                    Better to have the grainy photos. It hides the grime better.

                                                  2. re: LStaff

                                                    The writer really has an incredible nose for the best that Allston has to offer, being a veteran of the neighborhood's holy trinity Sunset, the Common Ground and White Horse. Plus she maturely replied to comments from readers...

                                                  3. re: itaunas

                                                    "Note to self: try to remember not to reveal embarrassing lack of context about local scene or subject cuisine in reviews. Also, charge the camera flash."


                                                    1. re: MC Slim JB

                                                      McSlim, I hope to see more use of the word "delish" in your reviews. You look like an amateur compared to this girl.

                                                      What's worse than the food review is that this is supposed to be a nightlife review, but she's barely been out in Allston and she lives in Brighton. I wonder who the target demographic is for this feature, she's basically a 23 year old, and every place is new to her. I think most college students have a better grasp on the Boston night life than her.

                                                      1. re: tysonmcneely

                                                        A pretty sorry piece for the Globe to run. It reads like a Yelp review, with crummier pictures. It also suffers from that common Yelper's misconception that anyone cares about the quotidian details of the author's life. Tell me about the restaurant, not yourself, please.


                                                        1. re: MC Slim JB

                                                          What, you mean that you don't like reading that Bobby V went with Joey C, Jimmy Q and Brenda R and that Brenda R totes said something hysterical while they were eating? Or that a homeless guy accosted them on their way home after they got waaaaaay too drunk?

                                                          BTW - was this link removed? When I go to it now, I just get a blank page. Perhaps it's just on my end.

                                                          1. re: jgg13

                                                            I was too which is weird. I found that if I went to /nightlife and clicked on it from there, I could get to it again...and it's the same exact link.

                                                              1. re: jgg13

                                                                It's not specific to that link - I just clicked on another boston.com link that did the same thing. weird.

                                                2. re: StriperGuy

                                                  Thanks for the update and for saving me the time and money.
                                                  Quite a different review on the fish tacos compared to nachosvegas above.
                                                  I guess I shouldn't be surprised since it's "Lone Star Taco Bar" and NOT "SoCal Taco Bar".

                                                3. Finally got here last Monday afternoon. Went at about 2:30pm for a late lunch/early dinner with the wife. We had the chili con queso (excellent with spicy cheese, and nice house made chips), the guacamole with chips (not very good, weird flavor/color that made it seem they added crema, wouldn't get again), the corn, which was quite good (and very hot). The aoili isn't as good as the Toro/La Verdad version, but it felt more like the corn had just been grilled, which I didn't always get at La Verdad, anyway. We each had 3 tacos as well, chorizo, spicy beef, and barbacoa for me, chorizo, spicy beef and carnitas for the wife. Nothing earth shattering, but all tasty, though they are pricey for their size. Margaritas were fine (house) and I was feeling no pain when I left. Overall, I'd definitly return for the queso, and corn, and would be willing to get some more tacos as well.

                                                  1. Hit this up the other day. Really enjoyed the spicy beef taco. I thought the carnitas was tasty but nothing that'd pull me in if I wasn't otherwise going. The chorizo taco was somewhere in between.

                                                    Had the hombre sin nombre cocktail, or whatever it was called - a mix of tequila, peychaud & mole bitters, and a chartreuse rinse IIRC. I thought that was similar to the carnitas taco in impact for me.

                                                    I can't see myself making a special trip to allston for this place, but I like it as another option for those times when I find myself in that area.

                                                    1. I enjoyed the food quite a bit. I worry that the discussion gets bogged down by questions of authenticity. Has anyone really had truly authentic regional food outside of the home region? What I like about Lone Star is the nod/homage to Texas but the bottom line is taste and quality. I doubt (no proof though) that taco trucks and hole in the wall spots are using mango crema with the fish tacos down in Texas. Or using mint with chorizo for that matter. It still tastes good and respects the food. 1 complaint was the chicken tostada. No flavor at all and a big wet mess.

                                                      1. Just for the record ate at Taqueria El Amigo in Waltham yesterday, and the tacos there are SO much better. Just plain tastier at 1/4 the price. Lone Star isn't even in the same league.

                                                        I had 2 tacos de cabeza (cheek) and two of lengua (tongue) with the 4 small tacos plate with avocado special. I think it was $5.50. The tacos (these are their small ones) were 1/2 again as big as the ones at Lone Star, and the flavor just blew them Lone Star version out of the water.

                                                        Each had perfectly done, cooked for a LONG time succulent meat that was then recrisped at the last minute, garnished with cilantro and a nice slab of avocado. The serving of complementary chips is huge and the pico de gallo and the salsa for the tacos first rate.

                                                        You don't get the ambience, or the tequila that they have at Lone Star, but you do get the tasty food.

                                                        Taqueria el Amigo
                                                        196 Willow St
                                                        Waltham, MA 02453
                                                        (781) 642-7410

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                                                        1. re: StriperGuy

                                                          Nice photo, SG! Mind if I use that for my Facebook cover page sometime? That's my favorite Boston-area taco, period.


                                                          1. re: MC Slim JB

                                                            You don't want a crappy picture like that--you want something to give you real credibility. Use this one instead.

                                                            1. re: MC Slim JB

                                                              slim, would you remind me plse- the carne asada- is it wood grilled or griddle-grilled, and chopped little or sliced? are you a fan of it there?

                                                              1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                                opinionatedchef you didn't like the Taqueria Amigo tacos before and they use a flat top grill primarily (maybe with a charbroiler to the side) so its definitely not wood fired nor al carbon. :-) What we generally recommend there are braised items and I believe all their fillings are reheated, although I have been reasonably happy with the carne asada in the (somewhat distant past) -- reheated, chopped, but decent cut of meat with some fat. At least for now stay away from the carne asada tacos at Tenoch (and my lunchtime carnitas wasn't great either) which were dry, rock-hard and just unappealing, but sauces and torta prep were well done. Emiliano'z does do the carne asada to order and was good last time I tried it, they aren't as varied overall as Tenoch (but more spice) -- I only like the carne asada tacos/burritos, beans, and the soups. They just started a Sunday Mexican brunch and I am curious what they serve for that as they do have one or two weekend specials like pozole.


                                                                1. re: itaunas

                                                                  there you are! whew. you know, i keep getting mixed up between this Amigo place and the other one some people like in downtown Waltham.( Heading west on Main, L on Moody, soon turn R to this place.) What do you think about their carne asada etc? Every time we drive past Emil..'z i think of what you said about it so i guess we just have to go there now for the asada. And we'll check out the brunch menu.

                                                                  I had that campechena? torta from tenoch again today. What a mega sandwich for not much money. I couldn't finish it this time. That cheese is really neat..like fresh mozarella or string cheese? or not."queso oaxaca" they call it i think.
                                                                  And i really like the quality of the roll and the contribution of all the diff elements- quac, beans, chorizo, tomato,spicy sauce, but esp the pickled onions....

                                                                  1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                                    I enjoy Taqueria Mexico on Charles Street in Downtown Waltham. I enjoy the birria (they do have a primarily beef one since you aren't a goat fan, but the broth uses a bit of goat), enjoy the refried beans, several of the combination plates, and the gorditas. I also enjoy the fact they usually have agua fresca de jamaica and fresh-squeezed orange juice, but others may like that they have a full bar (Taqueria El Amigo is two doors down from a biker bar, but I believe the taqueria owners are evangelical so don't expect beer/wine there) and I am not a big fan of their horchata. That said most of the food is fairly heavy eating, a lot of things can be greasy (including their house made chips), and seasoning doesn't get much beyond goya adobe. They also tend to use top round type cuts for beef dishes, but I can't remember the last time I had a carne asada taco. So it wouldn't be my choice for your carne asada, but I think its a great saturday afternoon or late weekday afternoon place to eat.

                                                                    Tenoch did use queso oaxaca on my sandwich which has a bit more moisture then sandwich mozzeralla, but less than mozzarella. You can buy it at Somerville and Chelsea market baskets, but not certain about Burlington. The pickled onions were particularly nice with the "marinated chicken" (served in a somewhat round quesadilla with a creamy sauce) and as I thought the balance of the meat/beans/fillings was nice, but the lousy beef and soggy carnitas didn't do it for me yet. The salsa roja was nice too, but the others a bit bland.

                                                                    One place I had intended to check out recently, but logistically couldn't fit it in on an airport trip might be of interest to you since you were looking for paletas in the past. (Search for their facebook page for a phone number to confirm hours.)


                                                                    1. re: itaunas

                                                                      thx much for that link; never saw that post or would have said thank you. i'll check it out some time!

                                                                      1. re: itaunas

                                                                        >but others may like that they have a full bar

                                                                        Not quite - they offer beer, wine, and sangria.

                                                                        1. re: LStaff

                                                                          Thanks for the correction. I thought before the (minor) interior change they had bottles behind that long bar and vaguely recall a family member ordering a margarita outside a long time ago, but that could well have been sangria. I still go primarily with the aguas frescas, but do you know if they currently have Bohemia (seems harder to find this in MA overall, maybe since they have been pushing Tecate hard as well as things like Sol).

                                                                  2. re: opinionatedchef

                                                                    It's been a while since I had carne asada tacos at El Amigo, but itaunas's description sounds right.

                                                                    Taqueria El Amigo is a mile away from Moody Street (196 Willow near River Street), a tiny storefront with maybe 16 seats. Taqueria Mexico is the much larger place, a block off of Moody on Charles Street.


                                                                2. re: StriperGuy

                                                                  Hah, my co-workers and I just put in a massive pickup order with them literally two minutes ago, I have a lingua burrito and a cabeza taco headed my way. Yum.

                                                                  I ate at Lone Star on tuesday, I thought the food was pretty good, I would certainly go back. Yes, a little pricey, but the ambiance is a lot better than El Amigo, and the servers were really nice, attentive, and fun to chat with while we ate at the bar. I had the carnitas, fish (pollock), and chorizo tacos and an order of the corn (shared w. my date), she had fish and steak tacos. I thought everything was really good, maybe $4 a taco is a bit expensive, but they were well done, and the food is so rich that it was plenty for the two of us for dinner. Throw in a couple beers, yes, it was $40, probably 3x what it would have cost at El Amigo, but I am not going to take a date there. I don't really like the chorizo at El Amigo, a little too greasy and smokey/burnt tasting when I got it there, thought the stuff at Lone Star was better.

                                                                  1. re: ColoradoXJ13

                                                                    I myself had a pretty mediocre meal at Lone Star. 3 tiny tacos for $12 and left hungry. The fish was just bad.

                                                                    1. re: StriperGuy

                                                                      yes, you already said as much in this thread.

                                                                  2. re: StriperGuy

                                                                    Looks great and the price out of this world, especially when some places would slap on extra charges for the avocado.

                                                                    1. re: chickendhansak

                                                                      Well, actually, there is an upcharge for the avocado: you only get it if you order the tacos "especiales". I think it's 75 cents or a dollar a plate more than non-special. But being the kind of spendthrift I am, I always go large here. Life is short: get the especiales.


                                                                    2. re: StriperGuy

                                                                      every single time i eat at el Amigo, i say to myself (or my daughter),

                                                                      "why am i not eating here more?"

                                                                    3. Had dinner there Sunday night for the first time. Nachos were good and enjoyed the tacos (brisket, carnitas, fish) as well. Surprisingly I found the one tortilla to be enough.

                                                                      1. Had pre dinner there tonight. Don't plan to rush back. The highlight co the evening was the hostess at Deep Ellum. After putting our name down for a table she sent us over to Lone Star where we waited until she came for us.
                                                                        The worst part were the short uncomfortable stools. The bf thought they are more appropriate for my 3yr nephew than a 30yr male.
                                                                        I had the fish taco and the bf had the grilled avocado and cheese. We shared chips and salsa. We both found the tacos to be overly sweet. And although the torillas tasted good they fell apart. I did enjoy the chips and salsa. Since it is a large serving of salsa for an extra dollar we got a second serving of chips.

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                                                                        1. re: viperlush

                                                                          Sorry it was a letdown but THx for helping keep some of us from wasting our $.

                                                                          1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                                            I'm glad for all perspectives here, but I'm curious: have you decided not to try LSTB for yourself based on this thread?


                                                                            1. re: MC Slim JB

                                                                              mc, i do NOT know what to do, but a Mex chef friend went last wk and said best tacos he'd had in boston, so i think we're gonna risk it tonight, though striper's diss is shouting 'NO' in my head.

                                                                              1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                                                So. mc, we did go to Lonestar tonight. Have you been? We would have gone to La Verdad Taqueria but the sox were playing.

                                                                                We were so lucky that in a room just slightly bigger than Neptune Oyster, we snagged a table by the open door, and the noise level made conversation easy. What a surprise! (and certainly not the case at the adjoining Deep Elum.)

                                                                                Our bearded waiter could not have been more efficient or helpful; wish I could clone him.Our food was good to very good, with some caveats. My fav tacos are carne asada and pescado, so that's what i always order, but at Lonestar we tried 4 kinds of tacos, a salad, guac and sangria.
                                                                                The house fried chips were greasy (tasting of not the freshest oil) but the guac was excellent. It surprised me that we were charged $1 for the extra chips we needed to finish the guac, but.......
                                                                                Our 4 tacos were the 2 beef, Barbacoa and Spicy Dallas Beef. The former just didn't do anything for me; the latter tasted much like homemade kid's ground beef tacos with seasoning packet and cheese, but I still liked it. The daily special, duck confit, had an off taste for me, but My Love enjoyed this one over the others. The infamous Pescado (infamous for the cloyingly sweet mango salsa) I requested plain. The fish today was Pollock and it was fine, but maybe a 3 compared to la V's 10. The problem with this dish, as with all but the Dallas Beef taco, was the sauces. For me, it all comes down to the sauces, and it seemed that every one at Lonestar had sugar in it. Aside from the fact that Mexican taco sauces almost never have any sugar in them, these sweet sauces just didn't taste good. I asked for a side of chipotle sauce so i could add it to some of the tacos, but it turns out that their chipotle sauce must have the same base as that sweet mango salsa>>yuckola. The best of the lot was the table sauce of housemade green tomatillo chile salsa, which could have been really good but it too had some sugar in it (though less than the others.) The salad had lots of interesting components, vegetable and nut, with a mango dressing. The refried beans were totally flavorless/lifeless. The sangria was fine.

                                                                                So for now, we'll plan to try the tacos at Rosa Mexicano, and we'll keep going back to La Verdad (Taqueria, not Dining Room) and hopefully, when we get our next taco hankering, the sox won't be in town.

                                                                                  1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                                                    I have been to Lone Star and quite enjoyed it. Generally very good for the four-bucks-a-throw school of tacos. The hipster girl on the next stool on one visit, sitting sideways so the backpack she refused to take off jammed into me? Not so much. Fortunately, I could move down a slot.

                                                                                    I have tried every taco but the veggie. To my surprise, my favorite is the Dallas spicy beef in the lightly-fried, crisp tortilla: unusual to me and very good. Tequila pricing doesn't make much sense, which I take advantage of to get something fancier than I usually order. Very good service at the bar. Nice beer selection: I especially recall a can of Cucapá Chupacabras Pale Ale.

                                                                                    Still not a place to make me forget my favorite cheap taquerias.


                                                                                    1. re: MC Slim JB

                                                                                      I went finally and enjoyed it. Dallas beef, barbacoa, veggie one with tofu. Decently thick single tortillas. Fish taco was OK though I have had better around town and SG above was right to say that the sauce is too sweet. I liked the poblano and sweet potato relish a lot. Green sauce not particularly tasty. Also tried their beef chili which I enjoyed though I expect wouldn't be winning any prizes with heads. As you say, a different entity to an ordinary taqueria but the world can accommodate both.

                                                                              2. re: opinionatedchef

                                                                                Yeah I should of done a better job at remembering this thread since my experience did mimic Striperguys's. Though The couple that we went with tried the other tacos andenjoyed them. But they agreed that la verdad and green st are better.

                                                                                1. re: viperlush

                                                                                  It's funny that you bring up green street. I'm a big fan of wednesday taco night, but I found the tacos that I had at LSTB to be better than the typical fare at green street. That said, I didn't find them enough better that I'd trek over to Allston for them instead of just staying right here in the friendly confines of the 'bridge.

                                                                            2. Finally made it here a week or so ago, and really liked it. Yes, the chips were a bit oily, but really good, and both DC and I loved the salsa. The griddled queso and avocado taco was new to me, and that was a real high point. Fish taco and tostada were both tasty, but neither really amazed me. Friendly service, good vibe, and a well-made margarita too. Will definitely be back.