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Feb 1, 2012 12:36 PM

Suggestions Wanted: Lunch in Bristol TN or Bristol VA

I'll be driving through that area around noonish on a weekday. I'm open to almost anything, but would be particularly interested in whatever may be a local specialty. I like to avoid chains on road trips, but there are also plenty of local, independent places that are just awful. I like to avoid those too. I'm open to meat & three and/or barbeque, but if there is something terrific around that's a bit more unusual, great!

Thanks for your ideas!

Sarah M.

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  1. Try the Burger Bar on Piedmont Ave. Been around forever and hard to beat.

      1. I'll second Littleman's Ridgewood recommendation. They only make two different BBQs but they do both so very, very well. My own favorite is the pork. Mr Shallots is addicted to their beans and we often get a gallon to go. I love their beans, but I also love the way they do their fries and I could eat their blue cheese appetizer forever. I also like their sweet slaw (which is different from the conventional slaw they serve on their sandwiches.

        It's not my neighborhood restaurant; it's an hour and a half drive one way. It's worth the drive and we tend to keep off the interstates just to enjoy our valleys and mountains.

        (Also if you've never seen a NASCAR track, Bristol Motor Speedway is just up the road.)

        1. Phil's Dream Pit BBQ is excellent at Exit 67AB near Kingsport, TN go E on I 26 just a minute to Exit 10 then go N on Eastern Star Rd. a minute. About 5 minutes off I 81.
          Phil's Dream Pit @ 534 Eastern Star Rd., Kingsport, TN 423 - 349 - 6437.

          Just N about 10 miles on E side of I 81 is Dixie Outpost BBQ if you prefer at Exit 69. Go E on # 394 a mile or two then turn left or N on # 126 just a few minutes to Dixie.
          Dixie Outpost BBQ @ 3172 Highway 126, Blountville, TN 423 - 574 - 7447.
          Troutdale Bistro is the place for lunch/dinner in Bristol, TN.
          Troutdale Bistro @ 724 State St., Bristol, TN 423 - 989 - 3663.

          Cootie Brown's @ 2715 North Roan St., Johnson City, TN 423 - 283 - 4723.

          Ridgewood BBQ @ 900 Elizabethton Hwy., Bluff City, TN 423 - 538 - 7543.