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Feb 1, 2012 12:06 PM

San Antonio grows up, culinary wise

Was quite tickled to see SA has it's own heat map on (links below) even if we don't warrant our own page there (or here, for that matter). Also saw several SA chefs/mixologists highlighted on including relative newcomers Michael Sohocki (Gwendolyn), Quealy Watson (Monterey) and Jeret Pena (Esquire). Mark Bliss' eponymous restaurant and Stephan Pyles' Sustenio are also set to open this month.
I realize this is a tourist-friendly town, and a lot of the riverwalk food offerings are geared towards the same chains/concepts available in any major metro. Interestingly, of the eleven restaurants on the heat map, ten are what I would consider walkable if you're staying downtown and only two (of the nine we've dined at) replicate a concept/menu that is not an SA exclusive.

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