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Feb 1, 2012 11:24 AM

DuPont Cir area - anything new and good for lunch

All -

I'm meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow in the DuPont Cir area and want to hit something new. I'm a bit tired of Levante's, Albertos, Kramer Books, etc. Has anything opened of late worth considering?

Thanks -


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  1. I love Bethesda Bagels, but there is no place to sit.

    1. I had a good lunch recently at Mandu on 18th St

      1. I love going to lunch at Casa Nonna. You can get a pizza, sandwich, pasta...and all are delicious. Darlington House is also lovely for a week day lunch.

        A little farther away from the Circle proper is Hank's Oyster Bar and Agora (for Middle Eastern/Med/Turkish small plates).

        I'm obsessed with Bethesda Bagel but unless you have some place to go eat (or the weather is really nice like today) it likely won't work because there is no seating.

        1. If you don't mind very casual counter service, then Panas Empanadas on P St might suit you. You can get a selection of 6 mini-empanadas and a soft drink for $11. Wide selection of fillings and so unlike your other choices.

          1. What about Urbana? They have delicious food. There's also Darlington House and Teaism, both places that would good for lunch with a friend.