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Feb 1, 2012 11:12 AM

Good place for lunch with kids around Deerfield? (Perfect Pint / Hope and Olive are current contenders)

Hi - will be headed to the Deerfield area this weekend with 5 yr old children. Have heard great things about both the Perfect Pint and Hope and Olive in Greenfield? Any preference of one over the other for lunch with kids? Or any other suggestions?


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  1. If you like burgers try Brick Wall Burgers. There have good beef, turkey, and lamb burgers. Great specialty burgers or build your old. Bart's ice cream is also served there too.The only problem is that burgers are the only thing they serve.Perfect pint is good but cash only might be good for children. Hope and Olive has the better food but Im not sure it caters to children. Mag pie which is also owned by H&O is also good.

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      people's pint and hope & olive are both good. they are both geared a bit more towards adult eaters, however. of the two, only people's pint has an actual kid's menu, although i imagine h&o would happily accommodate requests. brick wall is good also, and they have a very basic kid's menu. you didn't mention if you're talking dinner or lunch. if dinner, i am also very fond of alina's in south deerfield, which is a very good upscale italian place with a small basic kid's menu. don't think they do lunch. for a more extensive kid's menu, your best best is chandler's at yankee candle. they rarely get mentioned here, but their food is generally pretty solid -- it's basic new england with some continental flourishes, but they do a good job of it. and they're very kid friendly.
      i live in deerfield, and of the other places there, well jerry's has basic classic lunch counter stuff. wolfies has fair family restaurant fodder. new golden china has okay chinese. the deerfield inn is okay heavy trad new england food. their champney's tavern off-shoot is decent pub food. savage's market has okay sandwiches to go -- the sausage is good. b&b market has pretty amazing polish take-out, but there' literally nowhere to eat around the place. and if you like smoked meats of any variety (to take and cook elsewhere), i highly suggest a visit to pekarski's smokehouse. neither pizza place in downtown south deerfield is worth a damn. and the restaurants attached to the butterfly place are both really pretty dire. hillside pizza -- open thurs to saturday -- has very nice pies, thin crust with gluten-free available. el jardin bakery has good bread and sandwiches. i think that's about it. i'll leave greenfiedl to someone else.