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Jun 17, 2006 12:31 PM

Help? Pizza near Palos Verdes

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we would like to take a good pie (or three) to the parents for an early father's day tonight, and do not know south bay pizza options. We like NY Style, but frankly, the best pie of any style would be appreciated. We'll be coming from west LA, but San Pedro could work if that is pizza nirvanna

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  1. I like Buono's pizza in San Pedro but order it thin crust. Always a hit at parties and if you have vegetarians, try their thin crust with fresh basil and tomato.


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    1. re: Macdonald

      My wife is from Long Island, and she agrees that Pedone's in the Rivera Village is the best she's had in the PV area.

      1819 South Catalina Avenue
      Redondo Beach, CA 90277

      1. re: JIm

        we ended up ordering from Paisano's in Hermosa Beach - good white pizza, less good but acceptable sausage and pepperoni. Next time will try Pedrone's in Riviera village 0- thanks

    2. Is Francesco's still around in Miraleste? Used to be the best around PV when I grew up there.

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        Francesco's is still there. Haven't had it for a while. I remember it a little too salty. Loved the meatball sandwiches. I also grew up their. Miraleste '83