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Feb 1, 2012 10:49 AM

Green Olive closed (NYC - Midtown East)

I passed by the Green Olive restaurant at 2nd Ave and 45th St. earlier today, and it was closed. There was a sign in the window closing it by the order of the NYC Health Department for operating without a permit; several other signs apologized to their customers, and said that they would be reopening under new management with a new menu on February 5, signed by Darna Catering. I’ve never heard of the latter – are they related to the former Darna restaurant on the UWS?

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  1. I believe so. When the restaurant closed they said they would keep operating the catering business. I happened to hear a couple weeks ago that they were looking for a smaller/cheaper location to reopen a restaurant. I guess they've found their location.

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      It's a tiny storefront, really only suited to takeout. I always thought the best thing about Darna was the ambiance, and they'll lose that there.

    2. oh no!!! so sad to see it go. Not a past few weeks for NYC's kosher restaurant industry. Alibaba, Rectangles, now Green Olive.... And I was still mourning the loss of Milk Street.

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        Alibaba closed?? Oh man. I'm glad I left the UWS when I did.

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          I had no clue Alibaba closed, and I'm still on the UWS. The quality had dropped so low that I never wanted to eat there anyway.

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            Alibaba was open on Monday--I had a falafel there. I think Alibaba's hours are erratic. I'm in the neighborhood most Mondays from around noon till 2 pm, and it's not always open. Luckily Coffee Bean is there, but I'd much rather have a freshly made falafel than a prepackaged sandwich.

      2. Has anyone checked out the place? Did it open on Feb 5th as expected?

        1. I walked by today. They're still closed, still with a sign promising a February 5 opening date (although that's obviously come and gone). The signs saying it was closed by the NYC Health Department have been taken down. Peering in the windows, there's one of the distressed-wood benches from Darna inside; otherwise, they've taken away Green Olive's signs and such without putting up new ones, although the beverage case remains stocked.

          There's a website,, but there's no content yet.

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          1. re: GilaB

            A friend reports that Darna to Go opened on Monday. The website now has a menu, photos, etc.