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Do you think restaurants should have an delivery system put in place?

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            1. No. Leave delivery to the takeout places. Food delivered from a regular sit-down restaurant almost always suffers int he time it takes to get to your door. I ordered once from my favorite Indian restaurant in town and the food was just mediocre. If I had never actually eaten at the restaurant I would not had know how wonderful and fresh the food really is.

              1. No. I don't like take out food so I don't do it. If you want take out go to McDonalds. There was a recent study that it only takes 10 minutes more to make a meal from scratch then it does to get take out or go through a dirve through.

                1. A lot of restaurants deliver, and some do a fine job of it. Is this a trick question?

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                  1. In NYC food delivery is a way of life. You will see legions of bicycle and scooter delivery people at most anytime of the day or night.
                    Some foods suffer from "steaming" when packaged but most food deliveries are great.
                    Fancy upscale gourmet restaurants would be doing everyone a dis-service by trying to deliver but most restaurants do a great job and it is a huge profit center for the place.
                    Convenience is a big issue in Manhattan!!

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                      Never saw a Restaurant Daniel, Per Se, or La Bernadine scooter, but maybe I just missed them.

                      For some, dining out is all about the experience, and they do not want food, strapped to the back of even a fast scooter.

                      Per my earlier comment, it depends on the restaurant, but in general, as I like to dine AT the restaurants, my answer is, in general "NO!"


                    2. Only if they want to. And, even then, only if they think they can show a profit on it. And only then if they think it won't harm their reputation as a good restaurant.

                      I can think of many casual restaurants for whom it might work and many for whom it clearly would be madness.

                      By the by, this is the second thread, you've posted on this subject. Would you like to mention what your particular interest is? Do you work in the industry perhaps? Perhaps selling such an online system to restaurants?

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                        Sorry for this late reply but i am doing a university project on restaurants and to see if they should have a order online system and delivery system put in place in the UK.

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                          Im sure many of us would love to hear a brief summary of the results of your project when it is complete.

                      2. Where I live, I can get delivery from hundreds of restaurants. No need for more of them to deliver; I'm already overloaded with delivery possibilities.

                        1. It depends on the restaurant, but in general, no.


                          1. I remember vaguely a decade or two ago there was a restaurant delivery someone started around here - they had a couple dozen restaurants signed up. Never heard how they did, but they seem to be gone now.

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                              Similar happened near me a few years back - but limited to takeaway outlets. They signed up a number of places who contracted the ordering system and delivery to them. Lasted only a matter of weeks.

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                                There are plenty of web sites like that. A widely used one in my area is delivery.com. They offer delivery from many restaurants and that is where I got my mediocre Indian food delivery from.

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                                  When I lived in Arlington/Fairfax/Falls Church we had Dr. Delivery, which was pretty great if you were feeling extra lazy. They would do delivery from pretty much any restaurant that did take-out, and they had booklets at the restaurants that had menus from EVERY ONE of them. They did have an automatic tip and delivery charge built in that led to me over-tipping a few drivers before I realized that... whoops! But yeah, a lazy sunday ordering in brunch from a pretty decent restaurant was perfect after a Saturday night out.

                                2. Some food travels well, some doesn't. Virtually none of the restaurants in Honolulu deliver, but there is a company called Room Service In Paradise that has an agreement with numerous casual restaurants to provide delivery (in my location about 40 restaurants from a 'hole in the wall' pho place to California Pizza Kitchen.) As the price of gas has risen, so have the delivery prices. if it is just me (one order) the price adds about 50% to the cost of the meal, but if i have a couple of firends over and didn't plan to serve food it can be a life saver. On occasion when I have been ill and couldn't stand the thought of pizza i have just bitten the bullet and had RSIP deliver. But all in all if i'm gonna eat out, i'd rather eat out.

                                  1. Yes, absolutely. Unless they don't want to, in which case, no, under any circumstances.