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Feb 1, 2012 09:13 AM

Luna Caprese in Merrimack, nh

Has anyone ever tried the new place where YaMammas was? Every time I go by it looks closed and I have never seen any ads or mention of it.

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  1. There was an article about them in The Hippo this winter. I'm pretty sure they are open just dinner, maybe lunch on weekends. I haven't had a chance to get over there yet myself...Yelp reviews didn't sound too promising to make a special trip, but I'd go for it if I were in the area.

    1. Had dinner tonight at Luna Caprese. Completely blown away by the food and service.

      Took my in-laws out for an early dinner at 5pm and found a mostly empty restaurant and thought, "Oh, no. Not good."

      However, we got fast service and incredible food. Our waitress told us that the chef enjoyed making people special items, and if it wasn't on the menu, just ask. I asked for a puttanesca pasta but with added Italian sausage. Our waitress told us that they make their own sausage and meatballs and told me it wouldn't be a problem.

      It wasn't a problem. I nearly licked my plate clean.

      Chef Antonio came out and asked how the dinner was, and also said he inspects every plate at the end of each meal. After I told him the dinner was great, he took my party on a tour of the kitchen... showed us the fresh baked garlic in olive oil, the fresh bread loaves, and on a tour of the walk-in freezer I saw small amounts of fresh veggies in a very clean area.

      Chef Antonio was very nice, but said, "The puttanesca? Easy." and laughed. Then he mentioned that he'll be hosting cooking classes soon.

      Can't recommend this place enough. I didn't think Ya Mamma's could be beat. I was wrong.

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        good to hear. they have poor reviews on yelp so i've been hesitant to try it out.

      2. This is a WONDERFUL restaurant! Yes: the place looks closed--but that is because it serves lunch downstairs in the lounge until 4:00pm when the upstairs opens for dinner. You can still order dinner before 4:00pm in the lounge, however ... Chef Antonio is VERY accommodating. Don't miss out on this one!