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Feb 1, 2012 08:55 AM

2 nights in Chicago - Alinea and ???

Coming to Chicago for a weekend in April and am very excited to have a reservation at Alinea for one night but looking for recs for the other. Not necessarily looking for something super-fancy and would like something that we can't find at home (in NYC). Currently have reservations at Graham Elliott, Sprout (less excited by those two but was able to get better times), Girl & The Goat and Topolobampo and need to pick one (or am open to other options). Also would love recs for best breakfast/Sunday brunch and deep-dish pizza not too far from the "Magnificent Mile" area where we're staying. And are drinks at Aviary and/or the Violet Hour (less unique but easier to get into?) not to be missed?
Thanks in advance for your advice!

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  1. My favorite brunch spot would require a cab ride - it is North Pond and is in the heart of Lincoln Park in a beautiful setting. Awesome food, great views of the pond and the Chicago Skyline, and great service. I love the Aviary and definitely recommend trying to get in; if you are coming on a weekend it can get busy but you can try to e-mail them for a reservation. If on a weeknight it usually is not hard to get in even without a reservation. As for your other dinner, there are really so many great options that it would be helpful if you provided more information as to what you like and are looking for; out of the places you listed Topolobampo is more unique to Chicago than the other venues you listed and also is a nice contrast to Alinea.

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      Thanks - helpful info. If we can't get a reservation at Aviary, is it worth just showing up or will the wait be ridiculous (on a Fri./Sat.)? As for the other dinner, we really are open - really just looking for the best (and most interesting/unique) food. Would prefer it not to be insanely noisy or have communal tables, so that my husband and I can actually hear each other, but it doesn't need it to be quiet. And also not looking for something too fancy, high-end (e.g., Everest) since it's back-to-back with Alinea. We're staying by the Magnificent Mile and would prefer not to go too far, but can take a cab anywhere within reason. For North Pond, is it your favorite because of the setting or is the food really special too?

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        I love North Pond for the food as much as the setting. Definitely the best brunch I have had in Chicago food quality wise. It is a hearty, savory brunch - it is a three course prix fixe menu that resembles their dinner menu. Portions are fairly hearty for an upscale venue. There are four choices for each course. I have not yet dined at the Publican (which others have recommended on this thread) so I cannot compare the two (though I do know that Publican has communal tables and has the reputation of being somewhat loud, but as having great food). As for Aviary, the wait time can be long on weekends, but it does vary quite a bit how long. Try for reservations, if you can't obtain them it might be worth stopping by to see if the wait is not bad. If you can arrive near opening (6:00pm) that might be your best bet.

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          I have found that The Publican does a good job of filling requests for booths or individual tables if you don't want to sit at communal tables.

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          The Aviary takes reservations via email two weeks in advance. Their policy changed recently (used to be same-day only) so you may not have a problem getting one. I believe the slots are still 6pm, 8pm, or 10pm, with 8pm being the easiest to get in since that's normal dinner time for many people.

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            This is one of the many reasons I love Chowhound - info that can't be found anywhere else - thanks so much!

      2. I'd agree with Gonzo that out of the places you listed for your second dinner, I would choose Topolobampo- I just ate there for the first time a couple weeks ago and it was one of the best meals I've had in Chicago. We got the ceviche sampler, 2 fish entrees, one prickly pear margarita- all amazing.

        For your brunch, I'd see about getting reservations at The Publican- my favorite brunch by far. Heavy on the savory items, but the Belgian waffle with seasonal fruit is fantastic too if you prefer something sweet with brunch. Service is great and don't let the comments about noise and communal seating deter you (it's not that loud at brunch and if you really don't want to sit at the communal table, just note it on your reservation and they can probably accommodate you).

        445 N Clark St., Chicago, IL 60610

        The Publican
        837 W. Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607

        1. Although there is no guarantee that you'll get a reservation (or even have it honored), I'd highly recommend Schwa. It is certainly unique to Chicago, and, in my opinion, among the three best restaurants in the city.

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            Schwa is an awesome experience, but the only problem is they quite frequently cancel reservations at the last minute - while this is not as big a deal to someone living in Chicago it can be really disruptive to somebody visiting from out of town. El Ideas is another somewhat similar dining experience that does not incur a significant risk of having one's reservation canceled an hour before their dinner. Both Schwa and El Ideas would require a taxi from the Magnificent Mile area.

            1. re: Gonzo70

              All fair points. I'm headed to El this weekend, and am curious to compare it to to Schwa. I'll be sure to report back so that the OP can make an educated decision.

              1. re: aburkavage

                Thank you - this is all incredibly helpful!!

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                  Having dined at El Ideas, I can't say that I'd recommend it over some of the other BYOBs in the city. The atmosphere was very interesting and truly felt like a dinner party. And so if that type of dynamic dining experience is important to the diner, it is probably unmatched by any place in Chicago. However, while the ambiance was truly unique, I think the food is better at Schwa, Goosefoot, and even Bonsoiree.

                  If I had to eliminate Schwa because of its flakiness, I think Goosefoot would be my next choice.

                  1. re: aburkavage

                    I would agree that goosefoot has the best quality food of those venues you mentioned. El Ideas definitely is a unique experience though. All depends on if you want top notch food in a nice, but traditional setting, or very good food in a whimsical setting.

            2. Among GH, Sprout, G &TG and Topo, I would go with either of the last two. They're both pretty hard to get and totally uniquely Chicago. Girl & The Goat is more casual than Topo if that helps. It's also more of a contrast with Alinea. The tastings at Topo are wonderful, but very good a la carte also.

              For brunch I agree with The Publican. One of my all-time favorites. North Pond is lovely, but not nearly as much fun and the food not as interesting.

              For deep dish, I would also go with Uno or Due, but in a pinch wouldn't mind Lou Malnoti or Pizzaro's (same family; similar recipe).

              1. One of the city's top chefs is taking over the kitchen of Graham Elliot today, and I expect that by April Chef Brochu will have the place at a high level. I would hold on to that reservation.