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Feb 1, 2012 08:54 AM

Upscale Dinner for Two, first trip to Vegas, Swan Room at Aureole or Sage?

We are heading to Vegas in a couple weeks and there are just too many places to choose from to eat at. We are staying at the Cosmo, and it seems like we could just eat there and do fine, we plan to have a pizza snack there and do the buffet (it is Vegas after all), and also did a last minute email to é by José Andrés to see if we could be put on the waitlist....but also want to get out of the hotel! We have reservations at Aureole for Saturday night...planning on the Swan Room, BUT looking more at the menu at Sage and think that looks pretty amazing. Cannot quite decide. I think it if was up to the menu alone I would do Sage, but the swan's are kinding drawing me in. Would love to hear recommendations and pros and cons for each..

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  1. sage is highly recommended. have not been to the other place.

    1. I'd pick Sage. Swan is nice without a doubt. A beautiful setting, though I think Sage's room is nice as well. My last few meals at Aureole, with one in Swan room, were good. For me however, Aureole's menu (overall) feels dated and tired - stale presentations with little evolution. I feel the same way about many of Mr. Palmer's places, thus the above is not without bias I suppose.

      Another consideration that may factor into your decision is whether you plan to drink, be it btg, bottle, or pairings.

      1. I've dined at the Swan Room at Aureole, and while it was nice, the food did not "blow me away"--nothing wrong with it. This year when I return to LV, I already have a reservation at Sage to which I am eagerly looking forward.

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          Sage is on my list -- We are going to Vegas next week, staying at the Aria. Finally narrowed down my list.

          Day 1: lunch at Milos, dinner at Sage
          Day 2: Breakfast at Bouchon, Pre-theatre at Le Cirque (Can you also order off reg menu then?)
          Day 3: Pastry for breakfast, La Cave for light lunch, dinner at Scarpetta

          That's it, then we have to go back. Anyone want to chime in on my choices??

          1. re: lorishea87

            Le Cirque is wonderful at any time, and you can order either from their regular menu at any time. I don't think they have a true a la must order either a full tasting menu, or their 3 course menu which is what I generally have (starter, main and dessert). Please though, if you are going pre-theater, allow yourself enough time so that you don't feel rushed. Le Cirque is such a beautiful place that you'll want to savor it.

            1. re: josephnl

              I was a bit concerned about rushing Le Cirque as well. We are seeing Elton John at 7:30 at Caesars, so Le Cirque seemed the closest of our choices. But that would really only allow an hour and a half for dinner. We usually spend 2-3 hours for a high end, multi-course dinner. We are eating at Sage the first night. I'm considering swapping Le Cirque and Scarpetta, and just getting a couple of pasta dishes before the show instead of a long dinner there. Thoughts on doing Le Cirque in an hour and a half?

              1. re: lorishea87

                I'd swap Scarpetta for Le Cirque for pre-theatre.

                1. re: lorishea87

                  Le Cirque is too wonderful (and expensive) a place to dine at with any time constraint. Go there when you can make an evening of it, or at least when you will not feel rushed. A 6 o'clock dinner with a 9:30 show would work, but please, nothing less! Going there when you only have 90 mins. would IMHO, be a real shame.