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Feb 1, 2012 08:48 AM

Low to mid-range Nola restaurants


I'll be in Nola next month for 3 nights. We're planning on having dinner at Cochon and Dante's for 2 of the nights. Wondering if anyone has recommendations for low- to mid-range options for our third night...something in the $10-15 range for an main dish (or cheaper). It looks like most of the recs on this board are for higher range restaurants.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. In the french quarter, Crescent City Brewhouse serves descent food on the low to moderate range.

    1. Apart from pobos, Mandina's leaps to mind. Main courses are all around your target price.

      1. Try Herbsaint. After a day of PoBoys and fried seafood, their small plates menu hits the spot. Not to mention their outstanding gumbo.

        You could also try Domenica. Many of their menu items come in smaller portions that are more than enough, and their fabuous pizza is only $13 ( or half price 3-6).

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          Domenica is a great idea..just the brussels sprouts alone are worth it.

        2. Boucherie. The most expensive item on the menu is $16.

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            I would love to try Boucherie also as the menu looks great but as a former resident of NOLA having lived uptown, I would warn you that if you do not have a car and are planning to take a taxi uptown from the Quarter, you are looking at about $25 each way including tip ( if you go there via St Charles which the cabbies love to do to tourists). That will add a nice chunk to your nightly meal.

          2. streetcar down Canal and walk to Katie's on Iberville in Mid-City.
            streetcar uptown to Zea's, Irish House or Boucherie