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Feb 1, 2012 08:42 AM

elements pasadena closed

bummer. this location seriously seems to have the kiss of death. next to the pasadena playhouse--cayo was there with claud beltran at the helm, hen several other places also could not make a go. elements is the latest victim.
the menu at elements always had something new and interesting, drinks were thoughtful and tasty. sad to see this close after they did a big build out two years ago, expanding from their tiny kitchen on the edge of old town. i wish chef onil chibas and staff the best! elements will be missed.

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  1. Is Elements Cafe (on Fair Oaks) still in operation?

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    1. that's sad, with all the new developments around there (tender greens, settebello etc.) i thought it would work despite the ill fated location. i do have to say the one meal i had there was super uneven. a forgetful flavorless fried app (don't even remember much about it) and an aggressively salted burger. i first 'met' onil (i say that i quotes b/c i never met him but had a bunch of phone conversations with him) when i was going to cater a our rehearsal dinner 5 yrs ago or so. we ended up not catering the event at all so we never got to meet. i do wonder if he's going back to catering. perhaps he spread himself too thin? either way it seems like a loss for the area.

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        That is too bad. Elements catered our wedding at the Asia Pacific Museum some five years ago, and people still remember the food. I dropped in and chatted with Onil some months ago, and he seemed pleased to leave Old Town for this spot, so I thought all was well. Hope he resurfaces somewhere soon, though.

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          I went to Elements three years ago when it was on Fair Oaks, and thought that, while the ingredients were good and the presentation was good, the dishes were merely competent. It was overpriced cooking-by-numbers upscale cuisine.

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            i too have to agree that the ingredients were good and the overall food had a lot of potential but under seasoned/over salted foods made me not want to go back. there were far from busy too. there were exactly 3 tables eating but then again it was 8pm on a monday or a tuesday. i have to say that it was a far improvement from the previous bar that was there. i remember we walked in one night and drank a 8 dollar Heineken from a bottle. this was back in 2006 or so. we had no idea they were charging NYC prices until after we got the tab and we never went back.

        2. original small location = tiny and overpriced, 2nd bigger location = large and overpriced! I remember the original offering a serviceable breakfast with a good biscut. The larger Playhouse location only got my money once, and a lot of it, but funny how I don't remember a single thing I had. Good riddence...