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Feb 1, 2012 07:54 AM

Ghosts and Good Grub in Louisville, Eureka Springs, and all points in between.

Okay, so the traveling companion and I are planning to go looking for ghosts at Waverly Hills Sanitarium and at the Crescent Hotel in a month or so. We will be traveling between Louisville, Kentucky and Eureka Springs, Arkansas over the course of a couple of days. Mapquest insists that this journey is best made by looping north though St. Louis, but we are very interested in roads not taken, which would send us westward from Louisville, we have no schedule and don't mind back roads. The Hot Brown sandwich at the Brown Hotel in Louisville is a given, but does anyone know of any can't - miss stops in the neighborhood of Louisville or Eureka Springs? We could realistically detour through areas around Nashville or Little Rock, if there is a worthwhile foodie-destination...bonus points for any restaurant, hotel, B & B, or environs reputed to be haunted! (Yes, I know...what a ridiculous way for a couple of middle-aged broads to spend their time...we enjoy a good spookfest). I will be re-posting on the Central South board since we seem to be traveling across a couple of Chowhound boards...thanks, all.

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  1. first of all, I love middle-aged broads so glad to hear you'll be coming to town, you guys are wack for going to Waverly.......

    Louisville - Mayan Cafe, Taco Punk, Jack Frys are my faves
    Wild Eggs for breakfast, Proof for drinks, Garage for drinks
    safier for shawarma
    maybe some old ghost stories in downtown hotels, dunno...

    Moonlight BBQ in Owensboro
    House of Como in Evansville
    Henderson has some old Mansions on main st. that are reputed to be haunted but are private residences. one is house from A League of their own, also big green mansion restored on main st. dunno how you could get in there.

    Whiskey Kitchen, City House in Nashville, Catbird Seat looks awesome there, haven't been able to score reservation yet.

    have a good trip

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      Bless you, SirTasty. I was beginning to feel distinctly unloved with this question. I googled some of your suggestions, and both Evansvile and Owensboro look like they might be good lunch stops..I hope we survive Waverly! I am, in truth, a pretty big chicken, so this should be interesting...(my cousin is quite intrepid, together we're a good team...) We will be hanging around Louisville overnight and I'll see if we feel up for drinks at any of your suggested locations. Thanks so much for your help.