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Feb 1, 2012 07:39 AM

Good bottled stir-fry sauces?

I do a stir-fry fairly often, in a wok on an outdoor burner. I'm sure it's better to make your own sauce for finishing a dish, but I wondered if anyone's found exceptionally good bottled sauces. In other words, well beyond the standard hoisin or oyster sauces.

I'm sure there are many varieties and flavor profiles. Two I've enjoyed are Weil's Otherworldly Wok Sauce and a Thai Green Curry sauce from Trader Joe's. But I haven't tried many.

Just looking for good recommendations from others.


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  1. You'd be surprised the variations you can get out of one of those big big bottles of Mr. Yoshidas.

    1. I've tried many bottled sauces and found most
      horrid. The lone exception is Trader Joe's
      yellow curry sauce (which has no
      relation to supermarket curry powder). But
      even then I just add it to my own sauce
      with chicken broth. sugar, lemon juice,
      garlic, red curry pasteand good soy sauce
      (i.e., not Kikkoman).

      trader Joe's