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Feb 1, 2012 06:23 AM

Easton/Columbus Places to Eat Feb 2012

I'll be visiting Easton late Feb for a week. Please recommend good eats in the area. Open palate so no limit on cuisine. Need good variety for dinner. Thanks!

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  1. Do you just want things at Easton, or further out than that?

    There are plenty of places to eat on-site, although most are chains, so aren't exactly unique to Columbus. There's standards (like Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, Bar Louie, PF Changs), more casual stuff like 5 Guys and Max and Ermas, and more "interesting" chains like Melting Pot (fondue) and Mitchell's Ocean Club (Cameron Mitchell spot with seafood and steaks.)

    I'd suggest Northstar Cafe at some point - wide variety, local when possible, and great brunch. But you said dinner, and it's a bit casual - not sure if that matters. Here's the link to the fall 2011 Easton location menu:

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      Note I'm not necessarily suggesting all those places - just listing some of the choices at Easton.

      I don't mind chains at all, so if I was eating solely at Easton for a week I'd probably hit Ocean Club, Bon Vie, Brio, Northstar (probably more than once), Bar Louie, and Fado (because I'm Irish, and I can't pass up an Irish Pub!)

      Links to all restaurants can be found at their website, if you're not familiar with the places: If you want to know more about any of them, I'd be happy to share my thoughts, but I know a lot of CH's don't agree with me on chains.

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        Hi Ditdah, thanks for responding. I'm open to the Columbus - Easton and surrounding area as I'll have a car. Most of the chains you mentioned are in my location in Tampa so i would prefer to dine at spots that are local to you. Its a business trip so I'm OK with casual or non-formal dining since it would be a good time to unwind and de-stress, ditch the work colleagues, etc..

        I was there a couple years ago and enjoyed a place called Winking Lizard. Ruth Chris and 2 of Mitchell's restaurants were also in the plaza (believe it was a few miles from the Polaris mall). Is there a good Sushi place, Greek, etc., anywhere the locals go. Bottom line- I'll be there 4 nights and I just want good food that a fellow foodie would recommend.


        1. re: Birdcage_Chef

          Ahh, well the use of a car certainly changes things. I'd still hit up Northstar at Easton if the place suits your mood - it's really great. I also forgot about Cafe Istanbul at Easton - I've never eaten at that location, so I forget it's there. But I've had takeout from there and loved it. It's turkish cuisine.

          If you want to head downtown(ish) I'd go to Short North - the area just north of I-670 downtown. Lots of local places there, ranging from fine dining to bar/pub. For kick back and relax, I'd do Barley's Brewing Company or Betty's Fine Food and Spirits. Both have great food.

          On the east side of downtown is my favorite restaurant, Black Creek Bistro. If you're heading that way, I'd HIGHLY suggest it. This time of year I have a hard time getting anything but the duck gnocchi, but everything they have is amazing. They do local, organic, sustainable... and they're just damn nice people.

          If you feel like steak, I like The Top Steakhouse, which has ben around forever. It's on the East side of Columbus, not too far from Easton, although don't be put off by the appearance of the neighborhood it's in - not the fanciest area in town.

          There is some decent sushi here, but really, it's a midwest state. We don't have local seafood, so it's never going to be as good as you get elsewhere, so it's not something I get excited about.

          I don't head up near Easton a lot... not sure what else is in the nearby (but outside the Mall) area. I'll look around and see what's closer than some of these suggestions, although they'd be an easy drive down I-670. Well, except I think there's construction going on there right now, which might affect you. I live on the southeast side (Pickerington) so I'm not often travelling on I-670.I'll check that out, too, and post back.

          Black Creek Bistro
          692 Oak St, Columbus, OH 43215

          Barley's Brewing
          467 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215

          Cafe Istanbul Mediterranean Cuisine
          3983 Worth Ave, Columbus, OH 43219

          Betty's Fine Food & Spirits
          680 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215

          1. re: Ditdah

            Oh! For less formal steak place nearby - The Hickory House in Gahanna. I know not everyone agrees with me, but my family and I love the place. My parents have been going to the Reynoldsburg location for years, and so we all grew up enjoying it. My sister and her (now) husband had their wedding rehersal dinner there. So I have to give a shout out to them as well, and it'll be a short drive for you from Easton.

            1. re: Ditdah

              Don't forget about Kihachi for sushi - much better than decent!

        2. Hi Birdcage - I'm a recent transplant from the SF Bay Area who has been to Easton a few times who is learning the local scene here. Definitely Cafe Istanbul (their kebabs are really good) and Northstar Cafe for certain. I found Brio to be okay, or at least the dish that I had there the one time I had visited.

          If you take Morse Road east of Easton to Hamilton, you can find the Cap City Diner, which I have enjoyed on a couple times I've visited.

          If you go back downtown, my partner definitely recommends Barley's as well; also, you might want to check out Surly Girl for a bit of a unique atmosphere plus good food.

          1. It's very easy to get to downtown Columbus from Easton area -- just head in on 670, takes about 10 minutes tops. I'd definitely recommend checking out some of the German food that Columbus is known for with a visit to Schmidt's Sausage Haus and/or The Mohican in German Village.

            Another great place to visit in that vicinity is North Market, a large dining hall with a dozen or more places to choose from. Not to be missed in Columbus is the justly famous Jeni's Fresh Creams for amazing ice cream.

            Around the Easton area there's some good food to be found as well -- Gahanna/New Albany area has spots such as City Barbecue (really excellent BBQ) and Mykonos Taverna (very good Greek food).

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            1. re: Boston_Otter

              I am pretty sure Boston Otter is referring to The Mohawk, not Mohican. Alsoin GV is Skillet, a unique place for breakfast, lunch. High end dinner places are G. Michael's and Lindey's.

              There is a lovely home cooking Italian place in Gahanna, about 5 minutes from Easton called Lola's. They have about 10 tables, the restaurant is run by Lola and her husband, Joe, is in charge of the kitchen. I believe they are closed Sun/Mon.

              1. re: Diane in Bexley

                Thanks for correcting my brain-fart, Diane -- yes, the Mohawk indeed. They're known for turtle soup.

                1. re: Boston_Otter

                  And don't forget the Mother Mohawk sandwich! I thought it sounded vile as a child and wouldn't eat it (roast beef and chicken salad, swiss and caraway horseraddish on rye, cold or grilled.) But, as an adult I finally tried it and got hooked!