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Jun 17, 2006 09:27 AM

Tender Greens - Open & Excellent

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Tender Greens opened in Culver City yesterday and was packed all day. The concept is healthy fast food, as in farmers market healthy, not vegan or raw. They serve the freshest salads with ahi, flatiron steak and free range chicken. As a quick casual place, it is way tastier and lighter than the standard mexi joints like Baja Fresh. Everything is made from scratch. And it is something Culver City needs, as there is a lot of places with heavy, greasy food (see Honeys Kettle Chicken) nearby.

I had a salad with sweet baby beets and the flatiron steak, and the best lemonade I have EVER tasted. $9 for the salad. As I work in CuCi, I will be eating there regularly.

Owner is chef Eric, formerly exec chef of Shutters. Nice space too, with outdoor patio.


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  1. We drove by last night on our way to a very mediocre meal at Mercedes' Grill in Venice and saw that contiguous strip from Honey's to Fords' to Tender Greens is now swarming with people.

    Good to hear about another great restaurant in the area.

    1. Went for a "quick" lunch on Wednesday, June 21. It wasn't quick, but my chicken sandwich and a small side spinach salad were great. A little pricey for an everyday lunch at $12+ with a lemonade. BTW, I agree the lemonade was really good--not too tart, not too sweet and a decent size.

      It took about 15-20 minutes to get my food after being at the end of the ordering line of 6-7 people. It is not fast (or slow) food--certainly, the quality isn't fast food. By the time I left, there were about 25 people waiting to order. They seem to have a bunch of people, maybe a dozen or more, working in the restaurant, but everyone was moving pretty fast. I was probably a little sensitive to time because I perceived it would be a quick lunch. Next time I'll factor in the potential for a wait and hopefully be able to relax and enjoy another tasty meal.

      1. Had dinner last night; it is worth checking out. Chicken plate w/spinich salad, Vegan salad, chicken soup, and a glass of sancerre. The chicken soup felt home made and was great. The free range chicken plate was good, but not great. The vegan salad was really fun and flavorful. It was nice to be able to glass of wine at a quick service restaurant. Overall a really pleasant space, fun menu, and good value. Is it crowded at lunch?

        1. I work in CC as well, and dropped by earlier this week for lunch. There was no one in line when we showed up, but it took a strangely long amount of time for the staff to take our order. There was a lot of staff on duty, but they were all milling about, and doing other things behind the counter.

          The salads we had, Cobb and ahi tuna, were very tasty. But the other women in my group and I agreed they were small for the price. They came with a piece of cold, stale tasting bread with some sort of unflavorful oil on it. I think it was supposed to be a "crouton." Also, they neglected to put bacon in one of the Cobbs! I also took a chicken sandwich to-go for my husband. It was so fatty he couldn't eat it. The lemonade was tasty though!

          Overall, the salads were yummy, and the space is gorgeous, but I think they have a few kinks to work out.

          1. A friend and I went for lunch on Friday. I had the nicoise (ahi tuna) salad and she had the Chinese chicken. She said the chicken was chewy (and didn't finish it) and while mine was pretty good, I didn't think it was the best nicoise I've ever had. Additionally, I'm pretty sure it made me kind of sick a little later. My stomach feels a little weird even today. Good thing it's generally iron-clad.