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Feb 1, 2012 04:59 AM

Par boiled and frozen carrots and parsnips - now what?

I belong to a CSA and was awash in carrots and parsnips. I kept some fresh in the fridge, but just didn't have room for all of them. So after a bit of research, I cut them into chunks (two-bite size, roughly), parboiled them and froze them in baggies.

I pulled some out and roasted them last night with a bit of butter, honey and rosemary and was truly unimpressed with the results. The parsnips were mushy (I added them to the carrots after the carrots had been in the pot for about 10 minutes then cooked another 15 minutes on 400), and the carrots were cooked through but tasted boiled. There was no caramelization on the outside of either vegetable as there usually is.

So what am I doing wrong? Is this the wrong way to cook parboiled root veggies? Would appreciate any feedback, suggestions or commiseration.


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  1. The carrots tasted boiled because they were boiled, and that's also why the parsnips were mushy. Try them simply buttered and salted. Roasting in the case of your boiled veg doesn't seem likely to give a good result.

    1. Valyn, this might sound silly but what method do you use to parboil?

      1. I wouldn't roast if they've already been parboiled. Try slicing them and layering them, then top with cream and cheese and make a gratin.