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Immersion Blenders--Recommendations?

I am about to purchase my first immersion blender. I love kitchen gadgets, and prefer to go ahead and get a better appliance that will do the best job and last rather than trying a less expensive one to see if I like it and then upgrade later.

In looking through Chowhound it seems that the most recent discussion of immersion blenders is almost a year old. I was hoping to get some more current suggestions. I am leaning towards the Breville BSB510XL.

Any comments on that model, or recommended alternatives?



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  1. I have a Braun. have had it for about 15 years and it's as good today as when I first bought it. Does hot soups, smoothies and hummus (when i'm not in the mood to dig out the food processor).

    I would buy another in a heartbeat-if i needed it.

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      We've had a Braun also, for about 6 years. It only gets used a couple times a month and it has held up well. Oh, I paid $4 for it at a thrift store.

    2. We have had a Daily immersion blender for over 15 years. I don't think it is available anymore. It was made in Italy and appears to be a clone of the Bamix which is made in Switzerland. At 130 watts, it does a fine job when we make refried beans. We have whipped cream with it, smoothed out gravies and sauces, etc. But mostly it is used fro the beans. There are certainly more powerful stick blenders out there but this works fine for us. It was touted, at the time, to be ideal for making baby food, chopping meat, grinding nuts and coffee, etc. It did al that (less the baby food) with a modicum of success so now it is strictly a tool for retired beans. If it ever gives up the ghost, I would get the Bamix for no other reason other than is resembles the Daily and I believe the attachments are compatible.

      1. How do you anticipate using the immersion blender? That might drive your decision as to whether you need a "work horse" or a model with a little less power at a substantially lower price.

        On my "someday wishlist" I have a Bamix immersion blender. From recommendations here on CH, that seems to be among the favored brands. That said, I presently have a bottom-of-the-line Braun which has been performing beautifully for at least 6-7 years. The Braun was very reasonably priced at BB&B and it does a great job with pureed soups and gravies. Maybe if the tasks at hand required a heavier duty tool I could justify the additional cost of the Bamix, but I don't use the immersion blender for anything other than soups and gravies, and my Braun meets my needs quite well.

        1. My Kitchenaid, while larger and heavier than the Braun, seems fine for normal home kitchen immersion use. Granted not pureeing gravel, but has worked perfectly for many years.

          1. I have an entry-level Cuisinart model I found on a clearance rack a few years ago for the princely sum of $13. I bought it because I didn't know if I would ever use it -- the price was right, so I decided to see.

            I like it -- it does an awesome job of vinaigrettes, soups, pumpkin for pumpkin pies --

            I don't use it a lot--- but it's a really good tool when you need it -- and if it died I would replace it.

            1. I bought a Dynamic MiniPro MX070 as a gift but didn't end up giving it. Got a great deal at Katom. Seems they are on sale again for the same price -- $137.

              Up to 13,000 RPM (120-200W), variable speed, detachable 7" shaft, and comes with 4 different blades.

              Check it out.

              1. I have the $50 Cuisinart stick blender that comes in a variety of colors and includes a mini-food-processor attachment. I've had it since 2007 and use it fairly regularly (once a week or so), and it's still going strong. Never felt any need to replace it.

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                  I have the Cuisinart SmartStick and love it!!!

                2. I replaced a wimpy frustrating hand blender (can't remember the brand) a year or two ago with this one from Cuisinart: http://www.cuisinart.com/products/han... It has never disappointed me. The old one was NOT cordless, and I will never go there again! I have most (all?) of the attachments and find the cup-size blender the most useful. I have the whisk, but I don't think I've ever found a reason to use it. The blender itself is fantastic for making brocolli cheddar soup on top of the stove. The only thing that my Waring jar blender does better is mushroom soup. I use a recipe very similar to one Anthony Bourdain has on line, and it's basically sauteed and simmered mushrooms that are then blended to a smooth soup. The hand blender leaves it "chunky" whereas the Waring makes it smoothe as cream. Hey, I can live with that!

                  1. I can't compare it to other models, but I have a Bamix. Love it. I mostly use it for soups and smoothies. It comes with a plastic cup that is the perfect size for one smoothie (if that's not available, I use a cocktail shaker...works just as well). My husband uses it for his mashed potatoes. Oh, and it also whips cream in 30 seconds flat.

                    1. Another vote for the Bamix. Mine is 20+ years old and going pretty strong, but it feels vaguely like it has lost a little power. Perhaps it's time for a tune up :-).

                      The Waring blender at my local Costco Business Center looks tempting, but it is a little larger and might be unwieldy for some. Only runs about $60. Need to find a compatible s/s blender jar for it.

                      My main caveats:
                      - Avoid the low cost, single speed consumer IB's like the plague. My mom got one as a replacement and it is Impossible to control - difficult to keep food from painting your kitchen!
                      - Try to get one with a s/s shaft, non-removable plastic ones are a PITA to clean and some ingredients (tomato, turmeric) may stain them.

                      BTW I haven't seen a Braun IB in a brick & mortar store for a while, only the low end cheapo Cuisinart and an occasional KA. Other than online stores, who carries them?

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                        BTW I haven't seen a Braun IB in a brick & mortar store for a while
                        and you won't ever again...

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                          Well that stinks! I was about to reply that I too have had great luck with my Braun immersion blender. I have had it for a good 8 years and probably use it about once a week.

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                          I went overboard on the cost, but I am glad I did, Got the Bamix and I love it,
                          I do everything with it, it has two speeds and you can run it as long as 5 minutes without stopping,
                          Had a couple other brands, one melted the bottom cup and one other burned up after running no more than 2 minutes, you had to stop and let it cool. and they were hard to clean.
                          I still have the old one and I use them to mix paint.

                        3. According to America's Test Kitchen, to which I recommend you subscribe, the best per their testing is a tossup:

                          Kalorik Sunny Morning Stick Mixer
                          KitchenAid Immersion Blender

                          I've got the KitchenAid and it works just great.

                          1. I have the Kitchenaid, it replaced a used Braun that I got at a yard sale. The Kitchenaid works fine and has a variable speed. I use it for some soups and for pureeing cooked vegetables for my dogs ; ^ ) Even though the shaft and blade assembly have only been hand washed the plastic edges of the shaft have chipped off in places. It doesn't affect performance yet, but if it dies I'm going to look for a Bamix that seems to be much more sturdily made.

                            1. I picked up 3 Braun IBs at local thrift stores, for around $5-$6 ea. One is variable speed. Seems to work fine for what I have used it on.