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Feb 1, 2012 03:31 AM

Foodies considering a trip

We like museums, shopping and food. Considering coming the second week of March Sun to Wed.
We like small plates (mediterranean) and seafood (and raw bars).
Is there another place like Teatro Goldoni and Minibar (For some reason, I was thinking another restaurant - no chef's table - opened up Andres style).
Do these places allow you to take photos?
We'll have to see what the weather is like but would consider it if we could snag good reservations. We also are looking for good breakfast or lunch places (very casual).

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  1. Zaytinia for Mediterranean small plates.

    Pearl Dive for seafood, esp. oysters. Get there early - no reservations and it gets crowded. Black Salt is also excellent for seafood.

    I think photos are permissible at these places.

    Lunch: Teaism, near the Nat'l Gallery of Art (get the salty oat cookie) and Breadline, near the White House.

    Where will you be staying? Will you have a car? (Black Salt is accessible by car or taxi.)

    1. Good recs above. You may be thinking of Rogue24, they don't allow pictures, as I recall. Tasting menu with 24 courses.

      Breakfast and lunch are highly contingent on where you stay and weekend v. weekday and what you are doing. But lots of good options.

      1. We will have a car, but have been reading so much about March being cold and wet that we may reconsider to the fall.

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          our winter has been extremely mild.....that being said, I bet the cherry blossoms pop early this year and potentially in march. If jet stream doesnt move south, we will continue to have weather in the 50's and March will be like April and May normally is.
          May want to consider Komi, Central, The lounge at Citronelle or perhaps Citronelle itself, PS7

          1. re: dining with doc

            I have three days before St. Patty's day open from work and was thinking of coming then. I may just make reservations and watch the weather closely for a last minute trip. The almanax is showing a major cold and wet March (snowy). I would LOVE to see the blossoms pop. I have been tracking the website, but no news yet.

        2. Jaleo is great for tapas.