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Romantic Dinner, staying in Beacon Hill

My husband and I are coming into Boston from Northampton for the weekend of Feb 10 for our anniversary. We'd are looking for a romantic (on the quiet side) dinner for Sat night - flexible about price range though would prefer to walk away for under $150 with a drink or two. We prefer simple delicious food (think french bistro, mediterranean) over fancy, modern fare (tall food sculptures with drizzles of various reductions) and are not knowledgeable enough about wine to care about the wine list that much. We'd like to stay within a few miles or a short T ride from our hotel as we aren't bringing our car into the city. Lastly, we want to be able to make a Sat. night reservation.

Based on my research this board, I was considering Troquet. I've held a table there but am open to changing our reservation.


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  1. I just looked at the menu for Troquet. Have you? Personally, it appears like it is "fancy, modern fare'. I see lots of drizzles. Last w/e we went for a very nice dinner at La Voile, on Newbury St. They are a French bistro, and I found it to be simple and delicious. And, I loved the ambiance. Fits your budget, for sure. I had the price fixe, 3 courses, for $34, and a glass of wine for $10.

    1. Grotto is in Beacon Hill - I find the quiet basement ambiance to be romantic - food and drink within your price range for sure - Italian / med, no towers or drizzles, for shizzle...

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        Toscano Restaurant on Charles Street was the site of my first romantic dinner in Boston and if anything, the food has gotten better. Good, simple italian with prices to match. www.toscanoboston.com/

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          grotto is wonderful, a little cramped but delicious for sure :)

        2. Bistro du Midi might fit the bill....on Boylston across from the Public Gardens.

          1. Troquet is lovely, but fancy and has an impressive wine list. Its not simple, but it is delicious.

            No. 9 Park is also lovely but fancy.

            So moving on to the less fancy but still kinda romantic ...

            I would have to agree with Grotto, LaVoille and Bistro du Midi.

            I might throw in Scampo, Stella or even Brasserie Jo.

            I personally have never had anything but meh and bad food at Toscano. I wont go back but others like it.

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              I also would not classify the prices at Toscano as "good and simple". For that price range, and that type of place, I'd rather go to Davio's. And I'd rather go to Grotto over Davio's anyway!

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                Love Scampo but it doesn't really fit the OP's desire for "on the quiet side...."

              2. I would suggest Bistro Du Midi. It is not far from Beacon Hill, the food is excellent and it has nice atmosphere. Try their Prawn appetizer and the Classic Boulabaisse.

                1. Grotto is good, but not particularly festive, romantic or quiet. It is, however, a very good deal.

                  Bistro du Midi is currently on my Top Ten list here in Boston.
                  And Toscano on Charles Street is lovely. Great food, elegant service, yet a down to earth vibe. (Be careful, there is another Toscano's out by Fenway, that is a whole different experience.)

                  Both Bistro du Midi and Toscano will take a reservation, which I think is essential for a relaxing and enjayble Saturday dinner.

                  1. the food is good at Troquet, but really, it is the place to find great bottles of wine at very, very good prices. If you are not into wine, then you should consider a place like Craigie on Main, Rendezvous, East Ocean Seafood, Toro, Island Creek, etc, etc., etc.

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                      East Ocean and romantic, I don't think so. And none of the others are really walking distance.

                      If the OP wants to try for a later reservation, Beacon Hill Bistro is also very nice. But Bistro du Midi should work well, hopefully with a nice table overlooking the Garden. Drinks at No. 9 or Davio's for after.

                    2. Since I just drove by it, it occurs to me that Hamersley's Bistro would fit your needs nicely.

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                        Hamersley's is great, but we usually drop about $200 including tax and tip with three courses each and a bottle of wine.

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                          Hamersley's would work well. I like the food better than Bsitro du Midi. It can definitely cost under $150 if you are not buying a bottle of wine.

                        2. Rendezvous in Central Square would be my suggestion. Within your price range, features simple (delicious) Mediterranean food, warm service and just a couple of stops away on the Red Line.

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                            Thanks, everyone. I changed my reservation to Bistro du Midi. Unfortunately, i had to take a 6pm, but we'll just go out for drinks after...

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                              Let us know how you make out at Bistro du Midi, or wherever you end up.
                              Happy anniversary, too!

                          2. The Wine Cellar on Mass Ave is very nice and wouldn't be too much to get to. You can hop on the Green Line at Arlington/Park and take it to Hynes Convention Center

                            1. I know you already made your plan and I do like Bistro du Midi, but right in the confines of Beacon Hill is Lala Rokh, a nice Persian place that I personally would prefer. And can't beat the location, esp. if the weather is lousy.

                              1. How was dinner...where did you end up?