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Feb 1, 2012 03:17 AM

Culinary Road Trip! - Portland Recommendations? (From Vancouver)

I'm going on a road trip from Vancouver down the coast to San Fransisco for 1 week from Feb 16 - 23.

More than willing to zig zag for significant food stops.

I'm looking for a mixed bag of experiences, from fine dining to street food, though my budget is not enormous so i'll likely do 2 evenings of fine dining, and the rest on a shoestring.

I don't mind cliche's (Salumi & Chez Panisse are both on my list)
If there are any destinations that are significant to the food culture of a place, i'm into that.

I love craft beer, wine does not excite me (Hoppy, floral smelling beer is my fav)
I'd love to try a barrel aged cocktail
I'm into head to tail eating
I like foraged food
I like novelty. Something i've never tried and could not replicate.


Tastes I like:
Hearty bread with a drizzle of portugeues olive oil and a sprinkling of grey salt
Old Fashioned Bitters
Buckwheat Honey
Scallop Sashimi
Chewing fennel seeds


My list so far:
Tartine Bakery (SF)
Chez Panisse (Berkley)
Chowder in a Bread Bowl (Fisherman's Warf, SF)
Dynamo Doughnuts (SF)
The Herb Farm (Seattle)
Pok Pok (Portland)
Considering Bouchon (Napa Valley)

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  1. I really like your list of "tastes" -- it makes it much easier to make recommendations and I wish everyone was so specific.

    I think you might dig Ned Ludd, Beast, Beaker and Flask, Castagna, Evoe, Olympic Provisions and Le Pigeon. If you want something more "classic" Portland, Paley's Place or Higgins. Clyde Common is the place for a barrel ages cocktail, and also excellent food that matches your tastes. For beer I would go to Bailey's Taproom. For cheaper eats, many of the aforementioned restaurants are open for lunch and/or brunch, where the prices are much lower. You could also hit the downtown food carts - the People's Pig, EuroTrash, Nong's, Savor Soup House, or whatever looks good at the time. Some of the better bakeries also do really nice food for an affordable lunch - Lovejoy, Ken's Artisan, Little T.

    The most cliched thing you can do is go to Voodoo Donuts, but I wouldn't bother.

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    1. re: chalmers

      awesome recommendations! I have checked these out and many are now on my list! I regret only having a day or two in portland. I'll have to make another trip for round 2:)