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Jan 31, 2012 11:02 PM

Calgary-Dinosaur Provincial Park-Kananaskis: Grocery Stops


Would appreciate advice on best grocery stops:

1) Calgary Airport to Dinosaur Provincial Park: i have seen Sobeys near the airport on Country Hills Boulevard mentioned on Tripadvisor, but it looks like 15 min in the opposite direction (towards Banff) and thus would add half an hour (there and back) to our drive heading east. Any recommendations for a good place to stock up for groceries that may be on the way/in the direction of DPP?

2) on the way back, we are heading to Kananaskis via Blackfoot Crossing. Google maps takes me right through Calgary on the Trans Canada Highway. Is that the best way to go and need suggestions for best place to pick up more groceries (just for one night and one breakfast). Turnoff for Kananaskis is before Canmore.

As we have two young kids with us, it would be great for these stops to be on the way with as few detours as possible!

Appreciate any advice

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  1. Hi there.. When heading to dinosaur provincial park, I am asuming you mean north of brooks alberta, and not to the tyrell museum of paleontology in Drumheller. They are two hours away from each other at the least. However you will drive right through Strathmore on your way to them both. Strathmore has numerous grocery stores on the main street through town. Once you are at the park there is very little, brooks would be the closest town. brooks has really really good chinese food at a place called oriental garden. its behind the canadian tire. It also has a 24 hour sobeys.

    On the way back. strathmore will work again.. You should be fine. cheers..

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      Perfect thanks. And yes, DPP not Royal Tyrell! Strathmore is a useful tip and great news on Oriental Garden. THANKS!

      1. re: mumofkids

        Are you planning to stay somewhere on the way? and when is the trip? Dinosaur park is pretty deserted in the winter..

        1. re: retroville

          OH, not till June!
          but preparing bit by bit....