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Jan 31, 2012 11:00 PM


Sorry to do this but ive gone through most of the threads and cant seem to find what im lookin for.

I am lookin for the best restaurants in Madrid, i dont care how expensive im willing to pay whatever for a good meal. What are the michelin starred ones? for Paella i went to La Barraca which is great. I tried Botin not that good nor was Maison Txistu or the Asador in the Bernabeu.... I have been to Madrid over 5 times and stil cant find an upscale restaurant that was to die for. Im not a huge tapas fan. Finaly are there any amazing indian restaurants and steak houses?

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  1. Try La Broche. Superb service with really creative food. Can I ask what you don't like about the tapas there? I've found the fried cod and jamon to be among the best dishes I have ever had in Spain and that includes the Michelin starred places.

    We love our meal at La Broche. Please report back!

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      From what ive seen its too much of a rush, i dont like to go to small tapas bar, eat a small portion standing up, so ill eat tapas for lunch. For dinner though i want a nice sit down kinda meal to enjoy my wine and dinner. What are the michelin starred places in Madrid?

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          Michelin doesn't do a great job in Spain. Here's the list from the Spanish equivalent (Guía Repsol, formerly known as the Guía Campsa) for Madrid--all of the places with 2-3 "soles" (suns):

          DIVERXO (Madrid) 3 SOLES
          LA TERRAZA DEL CASINO (Madrid) 3 SOLES
          RAMON FREIXA (Madrid) 3 SOLES
          SANTCELONI (Madrid) 3 SOLES
          SERGI AROLA GASTRO (Madrid) 3 SOLES
          CASA JOSÉ (Aranjuez) 2 SOLES
          COQUE (Humanes) 2 SOLES
          EL BODEGÓN (Madrid) 2 SOLES
          EL CLUB ALLARD (Madrid) 2 SOLES
          EL OSO (Madrid) 2 SOLES
          HORCHER (Madrid) 2 SOLES
          KABUKI WELLINGTON (Madrid) 2 SOLES
          O'PAZO (Madrid) 2 SOLES
          RODRIGO DE LA CALLE (Aranjuez) 2 SOLES
          RUBAIYAT (BABY BEEF) (Madrid) 2 SOLES
          SACHA (Botillería y Fogón) (Madrid) 2 SOLES
          VIRIDIANA (Madrid) 2 SOLES
          ZALACAÍN (Madrid) 2 SOLES

          These places have one sun--which in many cases is more a reflection on the space or service, not necessarily the food:

          ALDABA (Madrid) 1 SOL
          ARCE (Madrid) 1 SOL
          ARS VIVENDI (Majadahonda) 1 SOL
          ARZÁBAL (Madrid) 1 SOL
          ASIANA (Madrid) 1 SOL
          CASA D'A TROYA (Madrid) 1 SOL
          CASA LUCIO (Madrid) 1 SOL
          DANTXARI (Madrid) 1 SOL
          LAVINIA (Madrid) 1 SOL
          MANZONI (La Moraleja) 1 SOL
          NIKKEI 225 (Madrid) 1 SOL
          NODO (Madrid) 1 SOL
          99 SUSHI BAR (Madrid) 1 SOL
          PEDRO LARUMBE (Madrid) 1 SOL
          PIÑERA (Madrid) 1 SOL
          RAFA (Madrid) 1 SOL
          REALCAFÉ BERNABÉU (Madrid) 1 SOL
          SANTO TOMÁS (Alcalá de Henares) 1 SOL
          SANXENXO (Madrid) 1 SOL
          SUDESTADA (Madrid) 1 SOL
          TABERNA GAZTELUPE (Madrid) 1 SOL
          TEATRO REAL (Madrid) 1 SOL
          VIAVÉLEZ PUERTO (Madrid) 1 SOL
          EL PARAGUAS (Madrid) 1 SOL
          EL PESCADOR (Madrid) 1 SOL
          DON GIOVANNI (Madrid) 1 SOL
          EL CHAFLÁN (Madrid) 1 SOL
          EUROPA DECÓ (Madrid) 1 SOL
          GOYA (Madrid) 1 SOL
          JOCKEY (Madrid) 1 SOL
          LA BROCHE (Madrid) 1 SOL
          LA DORADA (Madrid) 1 SOL
          LA MANDUCA DE AZAGRA (Madrid) 1 SOL
          LA PALOMA (Madrid) 1 SOL
          LA TRAINERA (Madrid) 1 SOL