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Jan 31, 2012 10:52 PM

GotChef Food Truck in Milford

I searched and couldn't find a thread about this food truck.

I'm a big fan. My only complaints are fluctuating prices on the menu. The value factor is inconsistent. What is consistent is the food. It's usually very good, with a few items being complete stand-outs. I've been there well over a dozen times and have only been let down a couple of times.

Anyone else been?

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  1. I agree, the prices have gone up. The food is good but now that the prices have gone up I would like to see maybe some sanwiches at dinner to give more variety.

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    1. re: jsat

      Yes, I had their sausage grinder for lunch one time and it was fantastic for being under $10.

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        Ah, my b. The search function on Chow is not brilliant.

      2. We have gotten food several times (both walkup and delivery, which is a nice option). I certainly agree about the very consistent food quality, and the frustration with inconsistent pricing. My favorite, the braised short rib, ranges from 12.95 to 15.95. I don't get it- there can't be that much wholesale fluctuation from day to day- but it is so delicious, I find it difficult to resist- and I barely eat red meat.

        1. The soup makes a really nice lunch - you get a good hunk of ciabatta with it - and the price has stayed the same. Once in a while we get dinner from Got Chef; but it's a mini-splurge for us, and the food is excellent, so we don't find the prices unreasonable. If we did it once a week or something, I might feel differently about that. But I haven't had a bad morsel of food from GotChef, so still feeling the love.

          1. Got a message with today's menu that the GotChef truck will only be at the train station through June 30. They're looking for a new location; if anyone has an idea, let them know.

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              1. re: kwhitehead

                Here's what I got in the e-mail -

                "Get it while it's That's right, folks. Unfortunately, due to reasons out of our control, we will no longer be at the Milford train station starting July 1.

                We will still be doing event catering, but we are not sure where we will be parked on a daily basis, since we have not gotten a chance to scout out alternate locations yet (if you have a suggestion, let me know!).

                We are totally bummed out about this and will let you know where we park next (again, suggestions?). For today, check out our lunch and dinner menus below. "

                1. re: harrie

                  Thanks for the clarification. I wonder what's afoot here. The issue has to be with either the City of Milford or Metro North. Super bummed about this.

                  1. re: kwhitehead

                    City of Milford complained, of course. Check the Milford.Patch site.




                    1. re: LorenV

                      Actually, it wasn't the city but rather the Milford Fine Arts Council. Apparently they no longer wanted to share utilities, etc. with the truck. The City had nothing to do with it.

                      1. re: kwhitehead

                        Wow K/Loren: That's a steaming hot topic on Patch.

                        1. re: kwhitehead

                          My bad. Wonder if they'll complain about the NEW Colony Pizza coming to the old Harrison's as well?

                          BTW, the Idiots caveat still holds true, city involvement or otherwise.