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Jan 31, 2012 09:32 PM

FUKUOKA Foodie Trip! Pics will follow.

I wanted to thank everyone who helped me in this board....sorry theres no reviews yet or a time...gotta catch up with, pictures you can enjoy it early. I'll come back to this later....

All Nippon Airways -First class

Restaurant Hiramatsu

Ren (The best...simply the best

Yamanaka Motsunabe

Ichiran Ramen

Sushi Kaiten - i dont know why i ate here...

Leyasu yakitori

Ippudo ramen Main branch- I think this is the best ramen in my japan trip.

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  1. You're amazing for being so diligent in photographing the places you go to. I'll be in Japan for 3 weeks and will be spending 2-3 days in Fukuoka and now I know to certainly hit up Ren! What were the prices like, and keep being awesome, thanks for sharing the pictures!

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      Thanks! i still havent started writing up the busy at work. The biggest problem was there were no english menu, and the name of the dishes and ingredients were all in Japanese...and they didn't know what to call it in english. Its like asking you what is salmon in Chinese or Japanese.....It's SALMON! ha..... was definitely cheaper than any of the highend places i ate in Tokyo or Osaka... maybe under $200/person....i dont remember quite exactly. I just closed my eyes when i pay.
      This is one of the best meals ive had in Japan....the other one would be in Tokyo....RyuGin is high up there...and for fish, YukiMaru is amazing.
      I suggest bringing a sound recording device so you can ask them to say it in japanese, and you can have a japanese friend translate it when you get back. I did this in some of the places...but in some areas, it was a bit embarassing since they were so formal and proper.
      Have FUN and take lots of good pics!

    2. First class ANA-that is the way to travel to Japan!

      1. The pictures for Ren look so amazing. I tried looking up this restaurant on google but they showed a steak place. Can you please give the address and contact details? Many thanks

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          福岡市中央区高砂1-11-8 今西ビル202

          i'll try to look for english translation...

          1. re: erickp

            many thanks for the information