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Jan 31, 2012 08:25 PM

Roadtrippin through the Southeast

Hello Chowhounds,

I am going on a road trip with a few good friends down from Montreal to New Orleans and then back up through the southeast. We are really big foodies. Love seafood, fresh meat and just about every kind of cuisine. So we were wondering about some absolute can't miss restaurants in the area. Price is not really the concern although would be just as interested in the mom and pop shops and street food as the sit down formal meals. So any advice for:
New Orleans
Myrtle Beach
or any other smaller towns in the area
Thanks for the help guys.

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  1. In the Raleigh, NC vicinity two possibilities come to mind. One is Allen & Son's (in Chapel Hill) for awesome pork BBQ. The other is Magnolia Grill (in Durham) for fine southern dining. Both are institutions around here. Magnolia Grill has been consistently ranked in the top 20 restaurants in the US. Either of these places is about 30 minutes from Raleigh. If you limit the discussion to just Raleigh proper, I would say go to either Poole's Diner or, if you're in the mood for a burger and fries, go to Chuck's. Both are run by the same chef and are very good. The burgers and fries at Chuck's are about the best I've had anywhere.

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      Agree with you on Allen & Sons, Magnolia Grill and Poole's Diner. But to be honest I just don't get Chuck's, the burgers are OK and the fries are very good, but no where near the best Iv'e ever had.

      For a more causal evening you can stop off at Fullsteam brewery in Durham for a beer and to see what food trucks are around.

    2. New Orleans - best meal of my life was Restaurant August. Stellas is also very good, Herbsaint, Couchon also rank up there.
      Savannah - just had dinner at Circa 1875 - French style bistro. They offer an informal bar or white tablecloth dining area. I would go with bar side.
      Myrtle Beach - have heard great things about The Library but have not been.
      Raleigh/Durham - Poole's is enjoyable in Raleigh. Love Watt's Grocery in Durham. For money is no object Heron's at the Umstead. Also if needing a good bread fix go to La Farm in Cary, lunch dinner as well cafe style, but the hand rolled baguette is good.
      Charleston - you could spend a week here and still not hit all the great restaurants. Hottest one right now is Sean Brock's 'Husk" - also excellent Bourbon selection, also The Fig, Magnolia's, and lots of seafood places in downtown and on the out laying islands.
      You can be reading reviews and websites for months with all the info that is out there. Good Luck! and have a great time!
      Another good resource for the south is Garden and Gun, which is a magazine, but also has a wonderful website.